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Protect Your Vote Today

“Voting Handmaid Protestor” photo by Sitazen Blake Photography

American democracy is under attack — -by some American politicians. The major victories of 2020-particularly in Georgia-have moved the losing party to attempt to suppress our votes, falsely claiming they are “protecting it”. That is a lie. Worse, many are using racially biased tactics to do it. Partisan & racially biased gerrymandering is just part of the problem. Elected officials, in multiple states, are working — TODAY — to undermine our democracy, through destructive voter suppression bills.

GOP quietly build their restrictive, biased & often racist barriers. They complain when exposed or dismiss the accusations (think about how they endorsed alternative facts, which grew to over 30,000 lies, a insurrection and over 500,000 dead).

History Justifies Suspicion

Before Georgia, Florida — the home of “a Florida Man” and hanging chads — appealed to the Supreme Court to uphold a perverted poll tax, that penalizes returning citizens. About 1,000,000 voters were deemed ineligible to vote because of nothing more than political bias. It was a slap in the face of the majority of voters in the state.

Access to voting, in a democratic nation, shouldn’t vary. Ignoring GOP tweaks to laws, now, could create myriad consequences. It’s up to all of us to demand ALL of our votes count in America. Make sure your state isn’t trying to suppress your vote or your neighbors vote. Call your representatives in Congress (202–224–3121) & urge them to vote FOR the the H.R.1 For The People Act. We must restore our constitutional protections with H.R. 4 John Lewis Voting Rights Advancement Act. The Brennan Center has some useful information for all of us on how to secure our voting rights. Who would have believed that American politicians are attempting to disenfranchise voters, in the home of democracy. U.S. intelligence agencies have confirmed there has been multiple attempts to influence American democracy, by attacking our elections. Foreign actors know that American elections have global consequences. American leaders have fought for democracy around the world. Any politician — ESPECIALLY the president — who attempts to corrupt our sacred vote, by spreading lies should be villified by ALL democracy-defending people. No state should attempt to suppress the American voter. WE’VE been there before. So, any American politician to attempt to disenfranchise voters is horribly egregious and an anti-American act. Stand up for America, Americans.

No one is exempt (or safe), if members of Congress or state house representatives are working to undermine any American’s right to vote.

When was the last time you checked in on your employees in city hall (if your city isn’t here, look it up)? How about your state house? Where do your congressional representatives stand, with respect to your voting rights and re-districting? It matters. Contact them and make sure they commit to protecting your vote & defending our democracy. Make sure those, who are employed by you, are working to ensure our constitutional rights and quality of life.

About that Quality Of Life

The sustainable development goals (SDG) names life-sustaining elements that shouldn’t be negotiable - ANYWHERE. Legislation plays a significant role in if any of the SDG’s are achieved. Some politicians have used their positions to cherry-pick who gets which SDG benefit, much like they attempt to select who has the right to vote.

“No Poverty” is SDG goal #1. We have witnessed members of Congress reject federal living wages legislation that could help their constituents— even in places where suffering predates Covid19. In a United Nations report, the U.S. was called the,most unequal developed nation”, BEFORE the pandemic struck.

Alabama & Mississippi leadership and “leaders” in other states) should be ashamed for how they have failed their poor constituents. If these politicians were in the private sector, they would be fired for their consistently poor performance. Gerrymandering, voter suppression, disenfranchisement, disinformation & fatigue, have helped protect the seats of some.

Each of the Sustainable Development Goals can be attained through policymakers taking action. They are put in position to take action (or inaction) through elections. We all suffer when representatives from repressive states wield the same voting power as your representatives. Voters are realizing that repressive politicians in one state can & will impact what will — or won’t — happen in their more progressive home.

That is mobilizing voters to act.

And, it’s mobilizing some in power to undermine those who are mobilized — before voters can remove the unqualified in office. Politicians have a duty to serve, LEADING with truth and respect for this nation. Are you keeping an eye on what’s happening in your state? I hope so, because it affects all of us. Aren’t we better than this? I need you to help protect my vote. Choose your allegiance wisely.

This is my Election Day prayer.




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