Buying Black Daily

@shopblackowned is one of the many entities encouraging support for Black-owned businesses.

There’s been a significant uptick in urging people to “Buy Black”, and “Support Black-owned Businesses”. Covid19 has exacerbated the need to support small businesses which have been devastated due to the global recession (call it what it is).

Viral & Psychological Infections Spread

(Who knew?)

My thoughts on hearing that Mar-A-Lago has been “partially” shut down from Covid19 outbreak:

45’s selfish inaction led to multiple people being infected in the White House (including his own family & his “trusted” inner circle). The seeds of distrust that he planted about Covid19 took root in his new residence and home state. The consequences of abysmally poor pandemic management has followed 45 to his private residence/bunker — where some pay a lot to gain close proximity to a pathological liar. Florida is led by some of his staunch defenders. Their dangerous…

Protect Your Vote Today

“Voting Handmaid Protestor” photo by Sitazen Blake Photography

American democracy is under attack — -by some American politicians. The major victories of 2020-particularly in Georgia-have moved the losing party to attempt to suppress our votes, falsely claiming they are “protecting it”. That is a lie. Worse, many are using racially biased tactics to do it. Partisan & racially biased gerrymandering is just part of the problem. Elected officials, in multiple states, are working — TODAY — to undermine our democracy, through destructive voter suppression bills.

GOP quietly build their restrictive, biased & often racist barriers. They complain when exposed or dismiss the accusations (think…

Poetic Injustice

Judas & the Black Messiah should be required viewing in our schools and for every elected official and candidate. It won’t be, though. Utah is attempting to make Black History — also known as American history — optional for students. And, Republican lawmakers in Arkansas, Iowa, Mississippi, Missouri and South Dakota want to punish schools that teach the 1619 project. You have to wonder how federal, state and local officials of those states — and others — thought about the condemned 1776 report that was conjoined up and released on Martin Luther King, JR. …

Nothing is new under the sun — especially when you don’t learn from the past. (Sculpture is part of president Franklin Roosevelt Memorial, Washington, DC)

As we prepare for Holiday feasts and celebrations (even if smaller and more isolated), don’t forget the millions of people who had to wait, for hours, in line for their meals. They didn’t wait in grocery lines, but in parking lots, awaiting the gift of food from mutual aid networks. While some politicians boast of record stock market numbers, many millions of Americans are in record long lines awaiting a test to confirm if they, too, have Covid 19 — which some are still dismissing as a minor issue, like the flu.

Last Thanksgiving, many of those in line bought…

America Is Better Than its Current Condition

Growing up and being indoctrinated in American ideals, I would have never imagined that America, the beautiful, would have been denigrated to become America, the reality sideshow, for the world to laugh at. In less than four years, all of the pride, respect & imperfect aspirations would be trumped by an amoral, incompetent man. Self-serving GOP, Dems and folks outside those labels, have ceded human dignity for amoral authority. They have placed their power over human decency & America’s position of respect in the world. Never mind the power & credibility, they once…

Where is your allegiance?

America used to reject hate, fascism, racism & anti-Semitism. An American president supported it all in the first Presidentia Debate(?). If you ignore hate, it will spread. America is either for all of the ideals & aspirations expressed through its Constitution, Pledge & Declaration Or you pledge allegiance to Trump. There are no “good people” on his side. America was, once, unapologetically opposed to the hate that Trump refuses to condemn — even with the world watching. There is no fine line. There was no misspeaking or not understanding the question. When ask if he disavows…

A reminder about the Oppressor.

The oppressor always tries to kill you with it’s lies. The more they fear your victory, the more they seek to oppress. The tactics may not seem evident to others, but they’re clear to you. Some may think you’re being “paranoid”. But, you know history enough to see perception for the reality that it is.

The inaccurate narrative might be subtle to some and overwhelmingly obvious to others. All messages matter. You know the oppressors messengers use their tools well. The oppressor uses strategies — blatant and obscure. The oppressor has always used your own…

The Fire, Water, Disaster Next Time

Many of us are sick of the news. It’s become redundant and, frankly, some of it is becoming less credible than it should be. It’s apocalyptic, at best, but to be lied to about a threat (natural or man-made), from a leader (political or private or parent) is unconscionable and no one with common sense would consider that acceptable. I’m just saying.

If you caught the latest news in the Washington DC area (affectionately called the DMV), you know it was hit pretty hard with an “unprecedented” weather event. …

Justice For All: A Super Spread We Want

Have you heard the good news?

As we remember and revisit 57 years later the 1963 March on Washington todayAug 28th today — doing nothing and saying nothing is a form of voter suppression. We must make the time to mobilize safely. I was there today and I was moved by the voices of the young, old, bold and mourning. I commit to doing my part and encourage others to do their part too.


I invite you to take 2 to 5 minutes for a glimpse of what I think about issues of the day. Nonpartisan, yet, some might not agree - just don’t be disagreeable.

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