3 min readNov 6, 2018


Election Day Prayer

Dear God,

You know this land is experiencing discord in ways our modern democracy has never imagined. Hate against “others” isn’t new to this country (or planet), but it’s unbridled brashness is stunning.

Please remove the hate from the hearts of the people and replace it with love and understanding.

Lives stolen by people who harbor resentment towards another person’s race, religion, gender or opinion has never been acceptable in a civil society. People should never be harassed or harmed for simply being who they are on this planet.

Arrest the impulse for some to harm another person through words or actions.

We are fearfully and wonderfully made by your design. We have been constructed in miraculous ways, that humankind cannot craft. We look amongst us and see myriad differences. That, alone, should make us respectful, not resentful. Unfortunately, there are those who seek to divide & disrespect others, based upon our wonderful uniqueness. Unfortunately, those who divide, fail to realize that they, too, are an “other” in the eyes of someone else.

Help us understand we are made for unique purposes that only we can do. Help us respect our differences.

When an “othered” people comes together, they find strength in their commonness. However, that common ground should never become a weapon of voice, vision and vile directed against another “other”. But, differences have been, and still are, too often is used in destructive & divisive ways.

Please remove attempts to suppress people’s voices and votes — whether the adversary is domestic or foreign.

There have been wars of some type since our global beginnings. From neighborhoods to nations to nationalities, people have created ways to war with one another. Differences lead to derision which, too often, lead to deaths. Those missteps should never be our norms. They should not become our accepted ways of life.

Please make our disagreements respectful and help us remember that our votes, voices, differences & choices matters.

The traumas (often unaddressed) that emerge from these differences (big and small) cannot be ignored. When disagreement & division leads to psychological & physical harm, we must acknowledge that isn’t reflective of any of our faith practices or common, moral tenets.

Together, I pray we know that we should treat one another as we seek to be treated. Most important in that equation is that we should never wish harm for ourselves. So, why would we want harm for another? We are too valuable to lose — and too valuable to be hateful. I pray we restore respect for one another and reclaim a nation of values that defeat evil, disrespect, lies and harm to personhood. When we vote in the spirit of Democracy— without lies, cheating and deception — we ALL win.

The vast majority of us outnumber those who don’t operate in a space of truth and mutual respect. We matter. We must use our faith practices & human decency for common good. May we build upon the lessons we’ve learned; to repeat and grow what’s good and reject the things that challenge a better world for all — which we should all seek.

I BELIEVE that We Will Win!

Amen & Ase 🙏🏽




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