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Buying Black Daily

@shopblackowned is one of the many entities encouraging support for Black-owned businesses.

There’s been a significant uptick in urging people to “Buy Black”, and “Support Black-owned Businesses”. Covid19 has exacerbated the need to support small businesses which have been devastated due to the global recession (call it what it is).

When did child endangerment stop being a crime?

Two Georgia coaches were recently charged the 2019 death of student athlete, Imani Bell. A grand jury stated, “by conducting outdoor conditioning training for student athletes in dangerous heat, resulting in the death of Imani Bell due to hyperthermia and rhabdomyolysis.” Certainly, the family feels justice is on the road towards being served. Some may debate that she didn’t have to play sports. Others will argue that the coaches knew the conditions and shouldn’t have forced kids in a dangerous situation. Still others will say, other kids were fine, so it was…

There’s No Rest When Injustice is Wide Awake

Kunta Kinte-Alex Haley Foundation, Annapolis, MD

Everyone should enjoy the long-overdue recognition of Juneteenth, a day of jubilation, for the formally, enslaved Black people and a rebuke of ungodly domestic terrorism. Then, get back to work to make sure children and adults are not denied access to the FULL American history in our education and other institutions of learning (libraries; museums; federal/state/local policy; etc.). Every state must honor the 15th Amendment, if this is still a democracy. The Voting Rights Act of 1965 should be made WHOLE, again, because some elected officials…

Teach the Truth!

That should be a no-brainer, but we had four years of a world-leader being emboldens to spread lies across America, without fact-checking from his party. He was given so much lie latitude, that other candidates and party-mates used the same playbook — and expanded it. As lawsuits and investigations grow, there has been limited action to those who have violated our elections, voting rights and other fundamental democratic practices.

Yes, there was a leadership change in the White House, but states are continuing & expanding tactics to undermine & distort the Constitution that created their existence and…

American Genocide

After surviving a (hopefully) once in a lifetime pandemic, one of the places I most wanted to visit was the Smithsonian National Museum of African American History and Culture. I almost lived there during the opening weekend, September, 2016. We used every device in the house to secure access tickets, which remained one of the hardest tickets in town for a couple years. It is a place that I/the world needed, which serves as a unique repository of world history and how African Americans art an instrumental part of it. …

Teach for America’s Survival

Central to making this nation better is a deeper commitment to TRUTH — not, the acceptance of lies and disinformation as fair opinion. A lie is a lie. Disinformation is disinformation. Most don’t know (OR conviently forget/ignore) that American military once produced collateral to enhance efforts to prevent adults — not children — from being “suckers” — hypnotized by slick talkers who push the right emotionally biased buttons, to follow straw man arguments, even ordaining the unqualified as leaders based upon their “likes”.

The most egregious act of insurrection has become a partisan issue in a…

BipartisanShip Is BS

A wise friend, named Angie, taught me that in relationships, if you attempt to reach 50/50 all the time, somebody is guaranteed to be ticked off half the time. Truth! To be at your best, in a relationship, there will be some 70/30, 60/40, 80/20, 100/0 situations, too — and, that is AOK. As long as you are not compromising your value(s) or sacrificing something of utmost importance to you, you will be alright.

Some politicians & political pundits talk about how conciliatory the great leaders of the past were, as they complain that President Biden &…

My Black/American History Q1–2021 Reflections

I survived Them, read Caste & have started reading The Vanishing Half. I started watching Exterminate All the Brutes-I’ll finish. Saw almost all of Soul of a Nation & Amend. Caught The Banker & lowlights of the Chauvin Trial. Flip on the news (6 & 11 & cable) to see the protests about the latest murder. New hashtags: #DuanteWright & #AdamToledo. So many hashtags. Too many near hashtags, sometimes caught on tape, like with Second Lieutenant Caron Nazario. Sorry, Lt. Nazario. Like when Black soldiers returned home from past wars, sooner or later, they/you learned/learn…

Viral & Psychological Infections Spread

(Who knew?)

My thoughts on hearing that Mar-A-Lago has been “partially” shut down from Covid19 outbreak:

45’s selfish inaction led to multiple people being infected in the White House (including his own family & his “trusted” inner circle). The seeds of distrust that he planted about Covid19 took root in his new residence and home state. The consequences of abysmally poor pandemic management has followed 45 to his private residence/bunker — where some pay a lot to gain close proximity to a pathological liar. Florida is led by some of his staunch defenders. Their dangerous…

Protect Your Vote Today

“Voting Handmaid Protestor” photo by Sitazen Blake Photography

American democracy is under attack — -by some American politicians. The major victories of 2020-particularly in Georgia-have moved the losing party to attempt to suppress our votes, falsely claiming they are “protecting it”. That is a lie. Worse, many are using racially biased tactics to do it. Partisan & racially biased gerrymandering is just part of the problem. Elected officials, in multiple states, are working — TODAY — to undermine our democracy, through destructive voter suppression bills.

GOP quietly build their restrictive, biased & often racist barriers. They complain when exposed or dismiss the accusations (think…


I invite you to take 2 to 5 minutes for a glimpse of what I think about issues of the day. Nonpartisan, yet, some might not agree - just don’t be disagreeable.

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