Democracy up in smoke?

4 min readOct 29, 2022

When the framers of our Constitution set up this thing called Democracy, it was novel in world affairs. It (allegedly) was built on the principles of having three branches of government that would be able to check one another, to avoid unscrupulous actions by any one of them. Brilliant!

It was working, with a few important and necessary amendments being added over the decades to right some missteps and improve upon itself. Twenty-seven Amendments have been ratified, and eight have failed to get fully passed (e.g. Equal Rights for women; D.C. Statehood) in accordance with the explicit procedures that have been codified (see Wiki for deets).

Voting rights for all has been the centerpiece of what a true democracy means around the world. We have seen our military fight with-and for-nations to move along to path to people-power. We are (were?) taught about our civic duties. I, proudly, recall registering to vote as soon as I turned 18.

So, why are free and FAIR elections in America challenged by those elected to protect democracy? We know the game. We were taught the game. But, it has shifted horribly. Lies created the January 6th insurrection -bold-faces, gaslighting, power-hungry politicians (and preachers) gave it wings — even today.

Biased processes like gerrymandering has created some problematic “solutions” over the years, in some attempts to right-size districting. Unfortunately, partisanship trumped things, creating bizarre maps, disenfranchising voting blocs (often Black, Brown, Native).

Democracy Undone

State monarchies & oppressive minority rule regimes continue to diminish equal access to resources, representation and justice for all. The Supreme Court is allowing states to challenge the voting rights of its citizens. Lies are being entertained as facts.


a judge is allowing activists (some ARMED) to monitor (aka intimidate like Jim Crow 2.0) ballot boxes polling places. Criminal probes are being delayed.


Governor Ron DeSantis (and others of his party) declared that election integrity was being threatened. But, instead of addressing the issues of foreign threats, which he and the FBI confirmed happened in 2019 existed, he decided to do a bait and switch with people in his own state — arresting Americans who were told by the board of elections that they could vote.

GEORGIA & TEXAS leaders joined FlORIDA with the lock voters up strategy. A Georgia law allows for arrest of those giving food & water to people waiting in line to vote. Meanwhile, laws are making the process of voting more challenging in the first place.

But those who believe in the promises of democracy will stand up.

And, Tennessee, too!

All of these states could turn the tide for America’s democracy, so it’s no coincidence that those who want to retain power by any means, except fairness, are working to intimidate, misrepresent, suppress & lie to win.

While these arrests were RIGHTFULLY overturned or dismissed, the emotional scars and the chilling effects will linger.

Most visible inequities still show up in the south (ground zero for the American Civil War) — See Jackson, Mississippi as an example. Many other stories exist. But, the north isn’t exempt from partisan & race-biased shenanigans at all.

We have a new civil war on our hands, with voting rights at the forefront. The world knows that there was no stolen election. The lies have been running at a cultish fever pitch for over two years. Before the presidential election, seeds of doubt were planted. The clear defeat watered the seeds. Any losses in elections, henceforth, shall be challenged by the sore losers. Concession speeches are for the weak. Watch and see.

Race-based voting injustices, which were remedied with, once routine Congressional passage of the Voting Rights Act, was weakened by a (partisan) Supreme Court that determined that American racial biases were healed and voting wasn’t a problem any longer (lies).

The power of a biased/belligerent/bitter Congress (Legislative), and SCOTUS (Judicial) (harnessing the spirits of Andrew Jackson, Bull Conner, George Wallace, Adolph Hitler) has put us on a regressive path away from Americas promise of liberty and justice for all. They are gunning for the Executive they don’t like. They are willing to ignore all of the allegations (proven, denied, 5th pleaded & stone-walled) of the last Executive. The sore losers are willing to flip over the game and put pieces back together in a pre-Civil War pattern.

Folk must remain steadfast on the right side of justice, knowing that the tactics of the unjust are many.

Stay the course freedom fighters. History (which oppressors are working to erase) shows us the many battles that have been won. More victories lie ahead. Just know that the war never ended.




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