You’re picking a side with your voice or silence

Years ago, I was motivated to use Blogspot as an outlet, to capture my views & “report” on race & racism I saw and felt needed more attention — because “we” don’t discuss racism enough. The topic was taboo, like taking about sex, religion and politics used to be.

I quit it. It was too much. Seeing/reporting on this stuff became emotionally overwhelming, as it became more frequent — especially during President Obama’s tenure.

I restarted my reporting with a FB page, Sharing news about Race (and racism)…Past and Present, with the same desire to call out — and catalogue — the bigotry racism & bigotry I saw. I made it a mission to snitch on the racist acts I heard about or saw.

Thanks to VA governor Robert Northam, we are reminded that there is no pass in Democrat-land. Yes, the specter of Dixiecrats still live & breathe. They were fans of racism before, and some still live amongst us — and they vote. They overtly and covertly practice racism, through policy and practice.

We are supposed to learn from the past, rejecting the bad and embracing the good. Unfortunately, in a world where truth isn’t truth, people are confused about what is GOOD and what is BAD.

Just some more thoughts on race — we cannot afford to not discuss it any more. We cannot afford to give racism a pass anymore. You chose a side by your actions and alliances. You pick a side with your words or silence — either you’re racist or not. There’s no causal, partial, part-time, some time, category for racism. You might escape hate today, but when given carte blanche, hate shape-shifts. First they came for… is a warning. no one is exempt.

Face it, like Megyn Kelly & Michael Ertel, Northam. Must. Go. And, if Northam isn’t in either of those photos, where are the two people who ARE in the photo? Who took the photo? Who thought it was amusing and a good idea? Same questions apply to the places that think it is ok to keep racism alive — overtly and covertly?

And, since we’re wiping out racism, it’s time for blatant racist to go. People like these fuel hate:

GOP pundits love to hug (and hide behind) President Abraham Lincoln’s track record of freeing the slaves, to validate why today’s Republicans emulate Honest Abe’s values. Actually, theres truth to that — he, too, held white supremacist opinions & didnt think too kindly of the kidnapped & enslaved Africans as well. They don’t quote those parts of his viewpoints. Senator Tim Scott was right in his critique about the silence of the GOP. But, why is it always the Black person or another person of color the one to call out racism?

Many Fox News pundits and various people around the planet need to step down, resign or be fired for embracing & spewing racist values. That’s what liberty & justice for all looks like. Is there anyone else out there with pictures, blogs, investments, robes, pointy hats, blackface, antisemitic or other isms in their attic, basement, storage unit…?

Real contrition means learning and speaking out passionately, against racism. We can’t afford to stop talking about it. We must loudly repudiate racism until racism is relegated to a sad and horrible moment in history that are roundly rejected.

Keep talking against it. Keep rejecting it. Keep fighting racism. You never know whose next. First they came for… is a cautionary commentary — and warning.

Past points…

Racism is at work, so anti-racism advocates must work harder. This cannot be normalized — and the next generation is already learning bad behavior from its elders.

Choose your side. Choose wisely. Live your choice.

I invite you to take 2 to 5 minutes for a glimpse of what I think about issues of the day. Nonpartisan, yet, some might not agree - just don’t be disagreeable.

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