Would I Lie To You? (yes)

The partial story: “I have done more, in my short time in office, than any other president,” 45

The full story: “He has done more to irritate, agitate, alienate, infuriate, and mobilize much. of the world — including Americans — against the current occupant of the White House,” Everybody Else (excluding a misinformed & wavering 39%). #resist. #march #policymatters #boycott #vote #advocate #call 202–224–3121

Remember, “Fake news” (aka alternative facts) is what 45 produces. and when media reports it, without fact-checking, they, then report fake news.

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I invite you to take 2 to 5 minutes for a glimpse of what I think about issues of the day. Nonpartisan, yet, some might not agree - just don’t be disagreeable.

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