Who’s still sleeping?

I’m independent — with a clear eye for right and wrong. If you are excusing the Russia fiasco and the Gen. Flynn debacle and the healthcare fiasco, I question your commitment to this country and humanity.

I’m on team America, and these shenanigans are inexcusable for ANY PARTY or politician. The nonpartisan investigation will find what it can, but we have enough evidence to clearly say these unfolding shenanigans are reprehensible for our nation. We would condemn this if it were happening in any other nation. Stop fooling yourself into thinking this is ok.

Gen. Flynn admitted to being paid by Turkey to advocate for their interests — and writes on their behalf, as a paid lobbyist does. He was being investigated and told the transition team (led by Pence) so. They and the confirmation team still put him in charge of our national security. BUT, Pence feigned ignorance in knowing about any of it, although he was the head of the transition team. FACTS. No special prosecutor needed.

Stop excusing lies and ignorance — even when its in your “party”. Most citizens — who had the last election as their wake up call — are paying attention to these revelations and are getting angrier and, finally, are demanding accountability from their elected employees. Those in denial are still in the fantasy land of “left-wing conspiracy” and “left wing bias” as their excuse for these headlines. And, now the president is claiming to be a victim — the worst treated president “ever” — in all of this. Rational thinkers are not buying it.

Republiteas have the White House, the House and Senate. Although the Supreme Court is supposed to be nonpartisan, they hold the appearance of an ideological majority. They have it all — and they’re ruining it all for all of us. And our nation is a global laughingstock. France’s recent election was a rejection of ours. They and other nations are using our presidential election as a template on what NOT to do. The perceived, last bastion for civility & democracy has been “bigly” damaged by one party in control.

Stop trying to sell alternative facts — the world isn’t buying any more. Even “credible” members of the Republitea party are stepping back from this political abomination. Those same ones who have rubber stamped most anything this administration has sent their way are going silent or mumbling about the need to get to the truth. Their house of cards is going from blowing down, to going up in flames, to being water-logged — simultaneously.

stay loyal to stupidity if you want.

And, in the midst of the growing political chaos, Rep. Paul Ryan (who still pledges loyalty to this administration) declares that Congress is “business as usual”. He and congress are working to serve us. Here’s a taste of what they’re serving on healthcare alone. http://kff.org/health-reform/issue-brief/gaps-in-coverage-among-people-with-pre-existing-conditions/

Ryan, and his posse, declared “Mission Accomplished” on repeal/replace. Yet, Senate Republiteas rejected the House “solution” to Obamacare. FACT. And the CBO report on the AHCA will provide more facts soon. Stay tuned.

Russia-gate wasn’t created by media. In fact, the American media was barred from its own White House, while its president met with Russian leaders — and their media was allowed. That’s not suspicious to you? All while the administration’s Russia ties are being investigated by our intelligence teams (and denied by the administration). And, then, proprietary information is shared with adversaries. Who does that? And, more importantly, who, in their right mind, would think this is ok? (AND no cries of lock HIM up?)

Dear People: Stop trying to blame the media for exposing facts — that’s their job. The media have stumbled, no doubt, but they have learned from their mistakes. This administration makes mistakes and won’t learn from them — they are proud of and unapologetic about their egregious errors. Don’t ever be so party loyal that you are willing to ignore or deny facts. We have a nation at stake and your ignorance is not a place of bliss. If you care about America, you will #LightUpTheSwitchboard call 202–224–3121 & demand change.

I invite you to take 2 to 5 minutes for a glimpse of what I think about issues of the day. Nonpartisan, yet, some might not agree - just don’t be disagreeable.