Who owns Your Station?

People are outraged by the Stepford-like recitation by TV news reporters at stations owned by the Maryland-based broadcast company, Sinclair Broadcast Group.

It would seem like a simple editorial message, if it were just one station, but they reach over 19o stations and touch 89 markets. Imagine that drumbeat embedded into every home in America at 6am, 7am, 4–6pm and the 10 or 11pm news? Most people wouldn’t think twice about it, had the bigger message not been caught “on-tape”. It’s creepy to hear that dozens of news anchors were told to say the same thing. It’s so Russian. So China. So NoKo (North Korea). But, we should be outraged into action, not just push it aside.

Facebook, the largest media network, sold its soul to advertisers (some foreign and not for democracy at all), who reached over 50 million “viewers” with biased stories and blatant fake news. It surely being forced to atone for its shenanigans, now we see how another broadcast company is subtly forcing its agenda on local markets. Not watching your local channel, alone, won’t beat this, but it’s a start. And beware, Sinclair is even trying to get bigger, so simply rejecting that one channel will get harder.

People are turning away from #FAUXNews and the Murdoch empire in the UK. They are concerned about too much media power in one company. Meanwhile, this U.S. conservative broadcast behemoth is quietly working to sneak into our homes and onto our televisions with the pro-45 agenda that only has about a 35% market share. Will our federal regulators put a stop to it? Not if the administration has its way. Remember, the same people who undermined net neutrality would be the overseers that monitor this — or, more likely, not. We should all be outraged.

Yep, 45 has been talking about the conspiracy from the left, meanwhile, these wealthy co-conspirators are trying another path at deceptive propaganda. This is just part of it and we need to call it out. This is how this blatant display of propaganda is being called out in Pennsylvania.

Remember Trumper (and Russian) Boris Epshteyn? Well, he left the White House to move to other pastures. But, he, too, is being given a platform on Sinclair stations, which were required to air his show, which pushes the views of his former boss and those who love him. Here are some of the low-lights from Boris on the campaign trail: on Clinton; and, with Joy Reid, which is pretty interesting, since we are in the midst of #MuellerTime.

This is a plot that can’t just be turned off, by going to another channel. There needs to be a bigger public condemnation, public outcry, FCC & federal investigations and boycotts against this attempt to create a Russia-China-NorthKorea-ish propaganda machine via one American media empire. This is how votes get suppressed and public opinion gets distorted. This is how one party can push an agenda that plays to one political party or leader, at the expense of many others.

News is supposed to be facts, when the reporters are puppets, we all lose. We must condemn this with the same unison that these “news” people used to tout their disdain. If they really cared about accuracy in media, they should be outraged by this blatant act to push the one-sides media agenda of Sinclair Broadcast Group.

These are some of the media plantations owned by Sinclair. If you don’t like it, stop watching and tell their advertisers that you won’t watch until they sell the station and cease the propaganda. Even if you aren’t fooled by this type of manipulation, others can be. What else are they inaccurately reporting about? What other biased agendas will they promote? No one should have to be subjected to this in a real democracy. You should be calling. Boycotting. Protesting those who seek to upend truth. And, let the networks you DO watch know that you won’t tolerate a similar propaganda plan.

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