Where is your allegiance?

America used to reject hate, fascism, racism & anti-Semitism. An American president supported it all in the first Presidentia Debate(?). If you ignore hate, it will spread. America is either for all of the ideals & aspirations expressed through its Constitution, Pledge & Declaration Or you pledge allegiance to Trump. There are no “good people” on his side. America was, once, unapologetically opposed to the hate that Trump refuses to condemn — even with the world watching. There is no fine line. There was no misspeaking or not understanding the question. When ask if he disavows white supremacists, Trump asked, “Which ones?”, as of there are some he’s OK with. Stop making excuses for him, Republicans & loyalists. He is who he is — racist. And, if you are OK with that, you have chosen your side.

America: The President of the United States has pledged allegiance to hate over humanity. You are not exempt from that pledge. Your, or someone you love, could be the next victim, if you give hate room to thrive — OR make excuses for those who live to hate. Silence cannot be your option.

Trump knows who KKK & Q-ANON & other groups are. The FBI warned him and the nation about the threat of Proud Boys in 2018. Did he forget? He is ok with them, because they support him — because he defends their ideals. If you endorse Trump, a verified pathological liar, you endorse the ideals, too. Full stop.Trump has, REPEATEDLY, feigned ignorance, when confronted by his comments, tweets & re-tweets, that support lunacy conspiracy theorists & racists.

If you are disgusted by Trump’s consistent pledge to hate, you must take action. The nation must vote like never before. Our democracy is at stake. We can not return to the days where hate, racism, anti-Semitism & bigotry was considered acceptable in this country. Those doctrines were ALWAYS rejected by the majority of the American people. You cannot let this national inflection point pass with indifference. No human should be ignored in a nation that declares liberty and justice for all — unless, you have a different definition for “all.

Vice Presidential candidate, Kamala Harris, gave us this sober reminder,

“The president of the United States, in the year of our Lord 2020, refuses to condemn white supremacists.”

And, as Trump has pledged allegiance to white supremacists, his Republican enablers are working to prevent a free and fair election. They are working over time to keep Trump and his hate in office, while ignoring their individual oaths to uphold the law. They are tearing up our Constitution, disregarding our national Declaration & rejecting our pledge to these United States.

Trump is who he is. The bigger question is who are YOU and where is your allegiance? How you vote will declare who YOU are. Not voting is a declaration, too. Silence is consent.