When the Roast gets too Hot

Folks at 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue and the resident media post, #FoxAndFriends are MAAAAAAAAAAAADDDDD! Some delegates attended the decades old White House Correspondents Dinner. It’s a big deal for those who get a ticket. Its also a big deal for comedians, like the star of last night, Michelle Wolf. She’s got people talking. #MissionAccomplished.

It’s often said that the jokes about Trump, at the event a couple years ago, inspired him to run for president. It’s usually funny and non-comedians get to try out their timing before the “huge” C-Span audience. Folks often talk about the highs and lows of both major political parties and, of course, the media. No one is exempt from the jolly good time. It’s a roast, so it’s gonna make some people uncomfortable. But, laughter is medicinal, right?

Well, the president, who is supposed to be the star of the show (he likes being the star, right?) has yet to attend the two that have occurred since he was elected. Maybe the first one was too soon (he and Melania were unpacking; tee-time at the winter White House). He had more time to plan to attend the DC event (right up the street) than to create and attend his ego-boosting Michigan pep rally (who paid for that, by the way?). Remember his crude digs at his opponent at the Al Smith dinner? He loved that roasting fire. Why not come have fun with those he calls #FakeNews. He could have said it to their faces. He could have sat at the #FOX table.

He loves a good joke, right?

Well, he sent members of his posse to the dinner on his behalf. But, apparently, some in his crew didn’t like the dosage of laughs — especially, those at their own expense. Some didn’t smile or laugh. Others walked out. Too funny? Too true?

Michelle Wolf gave a ripping, comedic assault against most of the who’s who in this administration. The succinct assessment of several of the White House’s most visible cast of characters was straight with no chaser. If she had a few more minutes, she could’ve captured the rest of them. The funny/sad, but true zingers kept coming.

Bur, let me get this straight, the people of an administration & party that:

Is led by someone who lies with every breath;

Celebrates the most cruel solutions by people in need around the world;

Boasted about abusing women physically;

Seeks to split up families through deportation;

Uses vile language about Black and Brown foreign countries;

Compared people fighting for justice for all with tiki-torch carrying racists (including one who killed);

Fires a priest for explaining what Jesus calls for (is money their preferred idol?);

Endorsed a pedophile running for office, because of party affiliation;

Mocks the disabled while campaigning, then says Paraolympians are “hard to watch”;

Has a leader who is making money for himself and his family off of the backs of the American taxpayer & our families;

Encourages swamp-ish political shenanigans from his cabinet, as if his goal was to drain the swamp and refill it with people he likes;

Lies some more and get party members to defend or deny his lies;

Still fails to release his taxes;

Has a party and family that enables him and his misdeeds;

Has a cabinet that seeks self-promotion, self-wealth at the expense of all people;

Who has been grossly unfaithful to his wife and family (so if your family can’t trust you, why in the world would voters be so stupid?)

Is offended by a comedian? Do they not realize the REAL consequences brought on by their actions (and inactions) have far greater impact thsn a comedy routine? Wolf’s profession calls for her to crack jokes and talk about people. Talking about people isn’t the job of the president — but, he does it anyway. His words have global impact — Michelle’s are good/or bad for her career.

And Sarah’s father is mad at Wolf. The same man who was the butt of her daughters boss’ jokes during their campaign. Guess you suck up to keep your daughter employed — but, what happened to integrity? Woe is the poor press secretary? The one who lies with and FOR the president, which means she lies TO THE AMERICAN PEOPLE? She was cool with how he talked about her own father? Lying to the American people isn’t in any politicians job description. #MichelleWolff did her job — when will politicians & appointees do theirs? She went to a Baptist college — they teach lying like that in school or just in the Huckabee household? When will their harmful & self-serving actions not be good material for comedians? When will our democracy no longe be a joke?

It’s been said that there’s truth in a joke. But when your “leader” is the daily butt of the joke — on the world stage — you and your country is also the butt. And, these truths make this nation look really bad, so it’s not funny. At. All.

Hot off the presses, thanks to C-Span, here’s the video of Ms. Wolfe’s fired up roast— in all its crude truths (parental discretion is advised). Yes, some jokes were in poor taste, but so are many of the president’s policies and practices and tweets and executive orders and shenanigans of his staff and appointees.

Michelle Wolf did her job — when will WE demand elected officials do theirs and do them for the good of the entire nation, not just his friends and those who look like him? And will voter take elections and policies more seriously? To fail to do so is not funny. At. All.

And Michelle Wolf dropped the mic with a reminder that Flint’s water issue is STILL not resolved. Trump was in Michigan — did he visit Flint? Did he discuss it? He talked about Korea and other stuff — but he vowed to make America “great again”. Flint is America.

The truth shall make you burn.

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