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What are YOUR “Opposing Views” on The Holocaust?

We have gotten comfortable with atrocities and atrocious acts. The new gen of believers of the temptations of the click-bait politicians, coupled with those gullible ones who have been politically & spirtually cat-fished. Those lured into believing lies as truth have created a global ball of confusion.

Maybe educators learned of one or two opposing views on the Holocaust as they earned Aryan teaching degree(s). If not, they could have just attended a fund-raiser for Arizona Congressman Dr. Paul Gosar (yep, a dr.) and received a certificate. Several current/former members of Congress have offered opposing views. Some got funded & elected, in spite of racist and/or anti-Semitic antics.

And you thought we were beyond this evil, as America was being made great, like the good, old (racist) days. That is the campaign of some — (Anglo/Aryan/Proud Boy) America First.

Partisan Disinformation Du Jour

Political parties, preacher & media pundits always find a wedge issue to divide folks and push an agenda that moves their agenda forward. But, we haven’t seen the deception of the past few years — built on “alt-facts”, disinformation & cultish lies— in generations. Maybe, elsewhere, but NOT, in America.

This anti-CRT disinformation campaign becomes more horrible with every pastoral, politician, legislative or school board endorsement.

Some preachers, politicians, pundits & teachers have called education about racism and inequitable government practices, and the impact on America un-American. History reminds us that these tactics haven’t changed. The politician tacticians have found millions of friends who will embrace their pieces of racism, if they also receive their perceived wins on other causes.

If we are to learn from history, we must LEARN HISTORY. Preachers have called factual history anti-Christian & demonic (yep, those who condemn lies as the devil, are covering up facts). That’s so Christ-like? Not.

If you don’t see the danger of this “anti-CRT”, then you are not paying attention (or you don’t care). The dangers of biased censorship in our education systems are unimaginable. Racism, pushed by those school board leaders, like Victoria Manning, of Virginia Beach, threatens more than the obvious.

“Manning admitted in her letter to the board that she hadn’t read these titles, only skimming them, she made it clear that she wanted the books out and further demanded that staff involved in approving the books be disciplined. “A Lesson Before Dying” which addresses racism and racial identity in 1940s Louisiana, had been approved for 11th graders. It was banned because of a scene of a “couple getting undressed.”

In Texas, Carroll County & South Lake has gotten a lot of attention. Now that a school leader has suggested that teachers should offer an opposing view of the Holocaust, maybe people will see just how dangerous the anti-CRT disinformation can be in our cities. Without debunking & condemning disinformation, more will suffer from injustices and lies. You or your loved ones can be victims of the next disinformation campaign. So, to feel better about themselves, they ban history lessons & history-makers.

Roberto Clemente

Jackie Robinson & Hank Aaron

It’s just a flag?

Nothing that symbolizes pain or suffering or hate is “just”. Nazi symbols, like confederate flags connote hate-filled parts of world history that should never be embraced again. January 6th, 2021 was a stain on American democracy that cannot be erased and should have never happened. Those who participated in, encouraged or endorsed the acts on that day, or since, are not heroes. Symbols from that day are not worthy of honor. Anti-Semitism, racism and anti-democratic practices were embraced by the participants. We have overcome so much of the hateful past, we should never let a noisy few, who embrace lies over truth to win. Ever.

Giving an Inch Costs Miles

Miseducation isn’t new in America. Like the South Lake story, Texas has created the resources to, potentially, miseducate many of us. We can be dismissive of any person, political party or group, that seeks to disinform people with lies (aka “alternative facts”, as celebrated during the Trump campaign & administration) & distorted opinions. Self-serving lies of the Trump administration, that weren’t condemned, unilaterally, emboldened more lies. Lies lead to more lies and, tragically, covid19 deaths. And, those lies keep killing.

The executive branch; leader of the free world, occupying the highest office of the land; was given carte blanche authority to lie & use those powers to protect himself for four years. Congress, the second branch, acquitted him of any wrong doing. He was able to reward co-liars with immunity and/or pardons unlike anything the framers of our government would have imagined.

Seeds of disinformation take root snd spread, if allowed to go unchecked and/or without fact-checking. Buoyed by parts of the media machine that gives itself to be unapologetically biased and willing to spread disinformation, the alternative facts have transferred from the White House to state houses, city halls, courtrooms & classrooms.

The anti-CRT disinformation campaign is a catch-all strategy to welcome in segments of the population that are against “something”. It’s a shrewd response to the global awakening of the harms of racism & anti-Black, anti-Brown, anti-Asian, anti-Native, anti-women, anti-gay, anti-faiths, anti-poor, anti-truths, anti-fair & free elections, anti-environment & anti-democracy tactics on our societies. To think this is an isolated campaign ignores the strategies of military maneuvers. To win, you make small victories matter. The wins of a few carry great weight in this nation. Think of the slim margin in Congress. Think of the 50/50 Senate. Think of your state houses. Think about the decades of housing discrimination that has led to decades of un-equal communities & access to tax dollars to create stable communities. Think about how the “American Dream” escapes many because of their skin color. Think about the dominance of school board battles that aren’t about facts, but a disinformation seed that’s been spread by other partisan disinformation seeds. Sadly, many folks don’t even pay attention to the school board choices on Election Day. And, the wars, lately, could drive fewer, committed adults to take that risk or waste their time to serve against a growing tide of lies.


This anti-civil rights movement (cloaked as anti-CRT) is a war. Folks, literally are attempting to undue decades of American progress, which was elusive to many because of their skin. Nobody would imagine we’d have to fight for voting rights again. Those against civil rights, feel they tread on their rights — or, that’s what they’ve been told. Nevermind, the indellible tread-marks on generations of Native, Black, Brown and Asian Americans. Millions of people have grown accustomed to defending lies. An ocean of facts outweigh their fiction, but, they don’t seem to care any more. Do you?

Worse, too many people in seats of power — who know better — are contributing to the erasure of American progress, to our collective detriment. We have to work, collectively, to help end the wars on justice, truth, democracy & humanity. This war will have a winner & loser — on which side will you be?

Face it, a Supreme Court, president, governor, state, school board, teacher AND parent who falsifies historical teaching is failing students in a global education system. They will fail.

Why are you allowing elected and/org appointed people to intentionally fail your children?




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