Watch the Watchers

The media is in a tizzy by this explosive revelation that someone in the administration has ties to a foreign government that has never had America in its best interest. What’s new? What’s annoying is that the Russian ties to this administration were exposed and dismissed since the campaign — when at least one in the midst had direct ties. To suggest that Flynn was a lone wolf who could be compromised, so he had to go, is a narrative that nobody in right mind should buy.

This is just the beginning of the fallout. And, yet, this administration has sought to demonize immigrants and non-US people, when, once again, some of the most dangerous threats to our safety and security are already here.

The quiet Manaforth departure was the biggest clue to this Russian friendship. The WH knew because the WH was complicit — including the VP. They have been trying to build a firewall to prevent leaks of their escapades. There’s more to this and our congress our courts and our citizens need to keep digging into it.

This Stephen Miller, Jared Kushner, Kellyanne Conway, Steve Bannon, Sean Spicer team is full of lies (alternative facts). Priebus has led the party and is also in the midst of this, as staff “lead”. They all report to 45, so the buck stops there. And, the rumors of this presidents possible susceptibility to blackmail cannot fall off our radar either. They all continue to commit the worst propaganda this nation has been subjected to and we cannot fall for it.

The die-heard followers allow the administration to regurgitate alternative facts around their guy. Some voters dismissed any rational thought. Others ignored the warning signs, because their candidate fooled them into thinking he was the “truth” while the opposition was dangerous.

The followers have been forgiving of the unforgivable for the past 24 days because they perceived he was draining the swamp and getting rid of “bad hombres”. They have ignored HOW 45 has been filling the swamp, though. They have excused the “bad hombres” that are in the administration.

They have ignored cabinet picks, who bought their positions without any regard for “the common people”. The blind faith and party loyalty has, sadly, exposed us to great dangers. And they are being exposed for who they are.

The followers have been duped to believe that the enemies of our national sovereignty include: President Obama; our healthcare; Planned Parenthood; “others”; those outside the wall he wants to build; accurate information; the “swamp”; the media; Hillary Clinton; Democrats; Nordstrom; Judges; living wages; consumer protections; Goldman Sachs. Friends of the nation, in this administrations’ narrative include: Russia; alternative facts; their own opinions; republicans who believe & support their narrative; the wealthy; Goldman Sachs.

I hope the followers come to their senses, but, some will remain committed to the nonsense. We deserve better for this democracy. A Democracy shouldn’t be bought or compromised. I hope people are awake now. Both parties MUST BE responsible to the American people. If they are more loyal to their party/position, than the people and our nation, then they need to go. It is evident that all cabinet picks should be scrutinized more closely — but, party loyalty is allowing partisan approval without due diligence. This is unacceptable.

I fear attempts to distract us from these antics are imminent. Whether you are Republican, Democrat, Independent, Green, Libertarians or have tuned out of politics altogether, you live in this country and should expect the best for you and yours. If you supported Sanders, Clinton, Stein, or creating a new party, you must take a stand.

Now is the time to use your voice & moral compass to demand responsible & honest executive, judicial & legislative branches that won’t be compromised by ideology that is unconstitutional, reminiscent of the worst dictatorships our world has seen.

Call 202–224–3121 — they must listen.

#Resist #Boycott #Organize #Advocate #March #Vote

I invite you to take 2 to 5 minutes for a glimpse of what I think about issues of the day. Nonpartisan, yet, some might not agree - just don’t be disagreeable.

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