War Declared

The Republitea party is so committed to the lie they ran on, that they have intentionally tried to sabotage #Obamacare, so they can claim that it is failing. They are committed to deceiving the American people — even sabotaging the system to break it.

It’s dishonest and disgusting to see the WH and senate majority deceive the American people — particularly the sick. They are hoping citizens are too distracted to pay attention, but we see the lies. Why is the government at war with its citizens?

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The disrespect for America and and lack of patriotism is in the White House and Congress, not athletes who are taking a stand against injustice and racism, exercising their 1st Amendment right.


  • 3.4 million AMERICAN people in Puerto Rico are suffering from Hurricane Maria — and there’s silence from the WH.
  • Millions are still recovering from Hurricane Harvey on the mainland, and the WH wants disparage Americans.
  • Lives are forever impacted by another earthquake that devastates our southern neighbor, and we have no humanitarian actions — but, to take proposals for building a wall.
  • People are being harmed by rogue law enforcement — the central reason for #TakingAknee — but, the Justice Department decides to dismantle a community-police building program. https://www.google.com/amp/s/www.washingtonpost.com/amphtml/national/rollback-of-federal-police-reform-program-riles-advocates/2017/09/22/557919fa-9fad-11e7-b2a7-bc70b6f98089_story.html
  • Folks are exercising their constitutional right to peaceful protest — and the president uses disgraceful language against their parents. Unfit as a private citizen and absolutely unfit for the president of a civilized nation. This is an embarrassment from any adult and a horrible example for our children to witness. Where are those evangelicals who defend him and his rhetoric?
  • Others protest with hate and anti-Semitic chants and the president defends them.
  • Citizens exercise their right to attend the long-overdue healthcare hearing and they are denied the opportunity to testify. They are carried, wheeled and forced out, while their senators look on in silence (even calling wheelchair bound people, “showboaters”).
  • Republicans and the president have declared war against the sick and the least of us. The president’s words have declared war against equity and justice across the country-and, now the world, with North Korea’s leader verbally punching back. There are millions of lives at stake, and the president wants to pick fights with American sports teams.
  • And the White House is still defending Russia — it seems everyone, including the president — has some connection. As a member of the AMERICAN party, that should concern you.

Inexperience in NK and DC puts the world in danger. Self-interests and partisan politics put the nation in danger. It’s horrible to see our government turn its back on liberty and justice for ALL. Politicians are at war with the American people. We could easily go from “fiery talk which can lead to fatal misunderstandings”, as someone said. We are a divided nation, so who will go to war for a president (or Congress) they don’t believe in?

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We continue to be at war with racism & bigotry — even from the WH. We declare that won’t be defeated. We will need to multitask, to make sure truth rules and justice is equally administered. We continue to fight because we must win. As activists have declared, we have nothing to lose but our chains!

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#WeWillMultitask for justice.

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