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There are no more dog whistles needed. Trump, VP Pence and the majority of the Republican, and it’s branches (Tea Party & Freedom Caucus; some Evangelicals) have chosen to side with the legacies of hate, from infamous names like:


D.W. Griffith

Adolph Hitler

Eugene “Bull” Connor

George Wallace

Strom Thurmond

David Duke

Alex Jones

Rep. Steve King

Corey Stewart & team

Stephen Miller

Click on any of the names to learn about their philosophies.

All of these white leaders had a dream — and it wasn’t/isn’t in technocolor, nor black & white — it’s just white. Which would be akin to the dream of Hitler’s Nazi Germany. With the exception of the original KKK (the original Democrats) snd Hitler (Nazi), they also share the Republican party as their ideological home base.

If you have been on the fence about whether Trump is racist, it’s time to admit that he has clearly chosen allegiance to racism, like those aforementioned proudly racist people of world history. He calls it “nationalism”, without adding white in front of it — but we know what it means. And, as he’s gotten more comfortable in his louder bigotry, should his party retain both houses in Congress, he could very well say “white nationalism” with full throated glee. And, he’s not alone. The more the crowds cheer for him, the more emboldened are his peers to speak & legislate their hate.

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See, every inch or validation of Trumps words and work brings about increasingly more comfortable allies. When people see his strategy working, they begin to play along. That’s how all these lies keep growing from him & taking root in our state offices and other places of power.

The emboldened racists-in-power are given power when their party peers sit in silence or give slaps on the wrist to the racists. What’s worst is when those asked about the racists actions, they responses attempt to deflect with “WhatABouts” “What about unemployment?”, “What about the taxes?”

Well, what about the racism? Does that forgive hate? Will that trump bigotry?

We have normalized hate in this country. I am disgusted by the casual way this nation had been about racism. ‪The increase in acts of racism & #antisemitism isn’t a coincidence — and it has roots in just how the current administration and others have been excused for their subtle & blatant nods to bigotry.

People report stories and re-tell events without understanding origin or impact of the statements. A Border Patrol agent just called for Congress to create a #FinalSolution to resolve the issue of people seeking refuge in the United States on the national news. Here’s history about that horrible phrase. Perhaps he heard someone else say it and, “innocently”, repeated it. Or, maybe, he knew exactly what he was saying. We know that people with badges exercise hateful practices & use the badge as their shield. A Coast Guard agent flashes a symbol while in the background of a news report — it was intentional.

We must defeat bigotry at every corner. Our votes will determine our future.

Truth STILL is Truth

Anybody who lies to you — when you, both, know it’s a lie — disrespects you. You either willfully choose to allow yourself to be disrespected or you call out the liar and reject them. Your self-worth determines your response. Like with an abuser, the verbal assaults will occur as long as you allow them. The lies of this administration will continue and grow as long as voters allow it. And, when one person gets away with it, others feel they can, too. Don’t allow yourself to be abused by your politicians.

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Back to a Bigoted Past

We’ve come a horrible way backwards, when, in 1915, President Woodrow Wilson screened the film Birth of a Nation in the White House. Now, we have the current president reciting the themes of film in a speech before the world, while in the White House Roosevelt Room. D.W. Griffith used the Civil War as his backdrop, where soldiers were fighting to protect white women against marauding Black men. Trump is calling on American soldiers to protect us from an “invasion” of people we don’t know. People, poor, huddled together and yearning for freedom and safety are invaders, in his eyes and his supporters eyes. Trump doesn’t want them in “our country”. He conjured up the worst fears of D.W.’s Film & declares that “women don’t want them (those brown asylum seekers) in our country.” His somber fear-filled speech was the embodiment of the multitude of racist story-lines and narratives written, filmed and told over decades, largely crafted by racist white males.

These images of the past were reprehensible, then. The rhetoric of the current president, and others, today is just as reprehensible. Never would we have expected such hate from the White House. Not in 2018. Not ever.

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Trump (probably guided by Stephen Miller) changes the hue to fear from Black to Brown.

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He and his minions are using bullhorns, radio shows, tweets and #FoxNews to make the case for racism & anti-semitism also known as (white) nationalism — translation: unbridled bigotry. ‪The consequences of those who celebrate racism & anti-semitism has been witnessed far too often over the years. The lives stolen in Louisville & Pittsburgh are too many. When hate is given room to grow, we all become victims of its roots and branches.

We must Stand up to Make Racists Step Down

I pray that the record early voter turnout around the country is a good sign of an awakening of a nation. I hope the rallies of cheering trumpers are eclipsed at the polls by millions more, who repudiate racism. I pray that the vast majority of votes being cast & who are fired up to show up on November 6 will be votes for good over evil.

I firmly believe that most all Americans will endorse compassionate & truth-telling policymakers, who are committed to serving humanity better & will legislate justice for all.

I pray that the righteous and just in our world far outnumber those who seek & commit harm against any body. I believe that those who once celebrated the goals of this administration now see the harm and will turn away from the hateful rhetoric and condemn any hurtful act against a fellow human being.

Could Trump have an epiphany and find space to condemn his views and policies that have harmed people, like George Wallace did in his dying days? Perhaps, but at 73, Trump is already older than Wallace. He’s pretty clear and definitive about where he stands — and it’s not in a compassionate space. And his administration, family & Vice President sticks by his words. That speaks volumes about their character, too. Too many others are speaking out about his character too late to have changed the election two year ago (Michael Cohen). Perhaps, they could wake some people up now.

My hope is that good wins in a #LoveSlide. #WeWillWin‬ We MUST win soon, so we can put this new evil chapter behind us.

You have a choice. I urge you to vote wisely. Our nation needs it.

I invite you to take 2 to 5 minutes for a glimpse of what I think about issues of the day. Nonpartisan, yet, some might not agree - just don’t be disagreeable.

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