The reality show political shenanigans — trumped up and buoyed by the media in this election cycle — have been unprecedented and ridiculous. So the indict/can’t indict/evidence/no evidence/ scandal/not scandal email cliff-hanger, is now a “non-issue” in the headlines. Truth is, though, some early voters might have made decisions based upon the false certainty of an indictment — and the absolute certainty that the announcement of further investigation about new email discovery was inappropriate and probably more unlawful than the emails.

Its over (for now). Now, let’s get on with the election and vote out those who have sought to deny people the right to vote, attempted to slander and create disruption in our election system. Let’s agree to vote out racists, currently in office, and vote to prevent racist candidates from getting anywhere near office in the future. Let’s agree to vote out misogyny in the office and workplaces. Vote out those who are agains equal pay and living wages. Vote out those who seek to collude with the health care industry to deny life-sustaining and life-saving care to people. If a politician’s party is opposed to things you believe in, they often tow the party line. A few will stand up, to what extent does it matter? It should matter to you.

VOTE ON NOVEMBER 8 & in every election that follows. Its that simple.

And, on Nov. 9 and beyond, call your elected officials on Capitol Hill and let them know you are wide awake and watching what they’re doing. Demand they do their jobs or risk replacement. They don’t hold those seats for life. The Capitol Hill Switchboard is 202–224–3121. Add it to your phone speed-dial. Use it often. http://www.iwillvote.comAnd, now that we are more aware of our political system (good and bad), let’s start looking at the businesses around us. Big business funds politicians and influence policy. Let’s start boycotting businesses & owners who are known bigots & misogynists & xenophobes & hate-mongers & hypocrites. That means if they are backing politicians who think this way, they endorse the message. If you are opposed, then you should not fund their political agenda. It’s just that simple. We now see who politicians and business folks are, so it’s up to us to let them know we don’t approve or endorse their behaviors. And for the media (journalists and outlets) that has misinformed, created trumped-up theater and supported abhorrent behavior during the election season, stop supporting them and their subsidiaries.

We now have more information to better inform our decisions. So, it’s up to us to exercise our opinions. We will vote at the ballot box and with our wallets.

Vote & take somebody with you!


Photo by Sitazen Blake Photography @sankshuned Photography Art Book

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I invite you to take 2 to 5 minutes for a glimpse of what I think about issues of the day. Nonpartisan, yet, some might not agree - just don’t be disagreeable.

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