Voices From the Pulpit, Campaign Trail & Locker Room — its #NotOK

He, the male U.S. male presidential candidates, (I won’t type his name to give him another media impression) embodies the worst of our nations evil. Her shortcomings are nowhere near the low elements of his campaign and the beliefs embraced by a very troubling faction in our nation. Let’s be clear, a votes for him is a vote FOR racism, misogyny, elitism & greed. If you find a candidate & his/her policies and principles to be so deplorable, how do you hold your nose (and compromise your personal principles) to vote for that person? Why give a vote to what you despise?

Last Friday brought scandal to the headlines, once again. And, there was an apology for the bragging about sexual assault — from the mouth of a PRESIDENTIAL CANDIDATE (#LetThatSinkIn). Some saw “the apology” as justification to move on and to embrace their candidate — if “the tape” bothered you before. Yet, about 35% of voters, including men & women of faith (and including the VP candidate), are still standing by the racism and misogyny candidate. But, some women of faith are taking a more vocal stand — http://www.thedailybeast.com/articles/2016/10/10/beth-moore-the-christian-women-speaking-out-about-trump-s-bad-news.html I wonder how others are reconciling this in their ministries. And note, “We are all imperfect”, doesn’t cut it.

A moment of contrition appeared in a Facebook video, a few hours after “the tape” surfaced. Another “apology” came during the second debate, with a desire to move on, quickly. Yet, in a post-debate speech, he celebrates his admiration and friendship with another accused sexual assault perpetrator (is he the fellow locker room conversant?) How do you grant approval of someone who scoffs at the magnitude of his behavior? Again, the admission that we are all imperfect doesn’t qualify one who embraces and celebrates his actions. https://www.google.com/amp/www.si.com/nfl/2016/10/10/donald-trump-ben-roethlisberger-pittsburgh-steelers-rally%3famp=1?client=safari

Women are marginalized, too often, in our society — and in other places. The “locker room talk” is a lame attempt to dismiss disrespectful behavior — by a “mature” adult. A male-first dominated psyche justifies such actions spaces that are quick to forgive the behavior of a presidential candidate. But, many conscious athletes (who are actually in locker rooms) are rejecting having such vile language attributed to them — https://www.google.com/amp/www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-3830103/amp/Athletes-issue-Trump-locker-room-talk.html?client=safari

The media has been appropriately blamed for creating this situation. They forgave — or ignored — blatant failings and irresponsible conduct by most every candidate during this political season. Now, the media is both celebrated and reviled for reporting the latest scandal. In a recent rally, folks yelled that “CNN sucked”. Yep, die-hard loyalists are rejecting media for finally doing what it is supposed to do — report the news objectively and responsibly.

The fourth estate bit the profitable reality show apple and has compromised responsible journalism for a long time. People have now been trained to reject any media that doesn’t follow their brain-washed beliefs (thanks FOX; OReilly; Breit-bart; etc.). The echo-chambers are filled with “facts” — no matter how absurd. So, when responsible journalism failed to fact-check the competition, the competition was allowed to take root and thrive.

A quasi-attempt at self-policing got Brian Williams suspended, for embellishing a story, but even he’s back in position. Even media outlets that were once respected, have denigrated to the level of supermarket tabloids in how they sensationalize, fail to fact-check & value their own celebrity over real news. Worst yet, is that many voting age folks are now seeing tabloid journalism as credible.

We must do better as a society — and betterment begins with demanding truth in our journalism and in our politics. Whomever wins in November must be held to a higher standard. That’s OUR job. Our voice and our vote still matters.

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