Viral & Psychological Infections Spread

(Who knew?)

My thoughts on hearing that Mar-A-Lago has been “partially” shut down from Covid19 outbreak:

45’s selfish inaction led to multiple people being infected in the White House (including his own family & his “trusted” inner circle). The seeds of distrust that he planted about Covid19 took root in his new residence and home state. The consequences of abysmally poor pandemic management has followed 45 to his private residence/bunker — where some pay a lot to gain close proximity to a pathological liar. Florida is led by some of his staunch defenders. Their dangerous & deceptive leadership continues to harm others — both visitors & residents, alike. Two million infected in Florida, so far.

Thousands of spring breakers will return home, from there, with tans, stories & Covid19. Gov. DeSantis wanted his state to be open for business — never mind the pandemic. His White House hero and political friends sought to re-open the nation, no matter the human cost. Covid19 cultism won’t stop them and their joy for a return to “normalcy” & desire for profit. Never mind that Covid19 stopped over 500k people (and counting) from breathing.

Fantasy Fascism

Viewers will see 45 — and what he wanted to become — in this piece by Rick Steven’s on Fascism in Europe. His political “strategy” was certainly coached by more learned political strategists, who paid close attention to world history. They chose to embrace past, demented leadership styles as potential paths to global dominance. There were good people on “both sides” with Mussolini & Hitler. People remained sold on that belief . A few lies, voter suppression, foreign interference and a little insurrection can make America great, again. We’ve seen the inevitability of the vainglorious. Too many, though, didn’t understand the history he was hoping to repeat was built to fail — pride always comes before the fall. Thank God the majority of America didn’t fully succumb to the evil he hoped to replicate here. We were close.

We must Cancel some Stuff

We MUST cancel politicians, pathological liars, racists & seditionists who seek to hurt, harm & kill us. It’s time for people to remove the veils from their eyes & minds and see the truth and call a lie a lie. Reject those who use their words & power to insult, harm & betray others.

People must stand up and call out those who cause harm to others through their words, actions and/or inactions.

This pandemic needed dedicated leadership to orchestrate a clear path for our collective well-being. We received lies & denials from elected leaders and deceptive media outlets — all for political gain & profit.

The consequences of 45’s poor management of Covid19 has followed 45 to his private residence. Florida, his adopted home, is led by some of his staunch defenders. Their dangerous & deceptive leadership continues to harm many others — both visitors & residents alike.

45 & friend’s failed leadership has led to millions of sick & thousands of dying Americans. 45's pandemic disinformation campaign — also, spread by his followers, political and voters — has infected millions. He misused American’s global influence, which has contributed to much suffering around the world.

There is nothing new under the sun. 45 attempted to use the leadership styles of past dictators to try to become one himself. We need to cancel the cult he created — it’s harmful. It’s deadly.

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