Truth IS Truth — America Deserves Truth

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#ChrisCuomo sums up this crazy state of the union, in a recent “Closing Argument” clip. Rational humans will believe and defend the fact that truth IS truth. Not long ago, a president lied about an unseemly affair, which smeared the office of the presidency and tarnished his position. Now we have a president who has, literally, told thousands of lies, invited swamp-dwellers into his inner cabinet (costing American taxpayers millions) for their own wealth gains. Getting to the truth in any investigation should be a bipartisan exercises, not an attempt to mislead. Congress should seek truth over any party affinity. Both parties should be troubled that the President welcomed foreign agents, literally, into the White House. They should be vocal, even if the president sits silently, while foreign powers authorize attacks against our vote — the centerpiece of Democracy. They should speak out in defiance, even as the president gives comfort to racists and racist ideals, which this nation has fought for centuries. We have had a war against racism, before— why is this president & his party being placid about blatant bigotry?

Presidential Cyber-Bully

If the president practiced the transparency, truth and integrity he boasts about, he would stop trying to suppress these investigations — several are underway. He would heed his wife’s call to #BeBest, instead of demonstrating the worst examples of cyber-bullying. We wouldn’t need Cohen’s and Omarosa’s tapes to counter the false facts — but, it’s good we have them. Play the tapes!

Truth shall make you free — or get you Convicted or Impeached

If Trump followers practiced TRUE patriotism, they would urge him, and his political allies to get to the truth. They would insist that he stop trying to intimidate and impede the Mueller investigation with their troubling smear campaign. They would use reason to call truth and lies out, honestly. f this president were honest, and has “nothing to hide”, then, he would go before Mueller and tell his story without any restrictions or stipulations; except to “tell the truth, the whole truth and nothing but the truth, so help you, God.” Is that so hard to do? Is it harder when you admit that you don’t ask for forgiveness?

Peek-A-Boo — I see Lies

If there were nothing to hide, the president wouldn’t need to have people trying to defend dishonest behavior. This investigation should scare anyone who lies routinely. If you are speaking the truth, there is no “trap”. So, this fact-finding mission, called #MuellerTime, does scare the president & his political & legal minions (who want the power more than moral decency, honor & integrity). Yet, they can only provide alternative facts and believe that #TruthIsntTruth. How do their spouses defend such behavior? If they lie like this to America, surely they’re lying at home — even when they tell you they’re speaking the truth. What types of morality are the imparting upon their children? Our next generation is watching — and many are cringing.

Can you handle the truth?

I dare you to share Cuomo’s video about “perjury vs perjury trap” with your representative in Congress & the Senate. Ask her/him if they defend truth? Ask them if truth trumps party? Pick any example of the myriad political lies and ask them to defend or condemn them. Ask if they, “Are you part of the cover-up?”

Most importantly, be registered to vote and urge others to do the same. Use the When We All Vote link to get involved.

If your elected officials are for truth they will defend the Mueller investigation. If you keep on them, via calls (202–224–3121), visits, letters and tweets, they cannot ignore you. If they are honest, they will acknowledge that this president lies. They will either condone or condemn his behavior. Their response gives you the responsibility to vote for truth in November and in every election in the future. As a wise man once said, “Your response is YOUR responsibility”. People are fed up -and we should be.

This Land is Our Land

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The ideals of this land are grounded in truth — although we’ve witnesssd a multitude of lies and deplorable deceptions — as did our fore-parents. They kept pressing on though — and so should we. We MUST be the generation that ushers in a new era, where the people demand movement towards the ideals of truth, life, liberty and our pursuits of happiness. We’ve had victories before and we will again. This is more than an exercise of singing an anthem and placing our hand over our hearts. It’s impactful through taking a knee, rallying and marching. Actions speak louder than any words in any song. And our VOTE locks in our actions.

We need to practice what we preach. It starts with the office of the president. If the occupier of that office — or her/his elected seat in any branch of government — cannot demonstrate those ideals through actions, they don’t deserve the office. And, most importantly, they don’t deserve the salary that we pay them. We must vote them out.

The days of “all politicians lie” ends when WE end it. We have the power to make it a new day for honesty in politics. We. An scare them into action, with our United voices, committed to defending these United States. Come November, we need to cast our ballots for those who commit to truthfulness in offices. Our vote matters.

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Dominoes Falling

Justice is working (for now). Paul Manafort is guilty. Eight charges are a good start. He was acquitted of 10 other shenanigans. with a sequestered jury, that can’t be reached by the tweets and statements of disinformation fabricated. by the president and his minions. He will be sentenced for the 8 charges. PLUS, His trial in DC is next. His blatant criminal acts are public. Even if he can get a pardon from the conspirator-in-chief, Manafort will forever be guilty and his misdeeds forever exposed.

Cohen saw the writing on the wall and is pleading. That, coupled with the new O Network (Omarosa’s video and audio vault), should make for some good media (Bad for the administration) and real progress towards making America great — for real.

This is a good day for American justice. And it’s still #MuellerTime

Just the REAL Facts, Sir!

Trump insists on linking today’s Manafort, with Reagan, suggesting that he must be OK, since he worked for President Reagan. Stop the smoke screen, Trump, people change — you should know. Neither politician nor lawyer should get four Pinocchio’s, like Rudy Guiliani received following a shameful Meet The Press performance.

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Michael Cohen’s guilty plea deal is big. His work & life was for the president (he said he’d take a bullet for him, remember?). The president needs to confess, because the lies sound desperate. Finally, we are seeing the obviously guilty being held accountable, and it’s about time.

Meantime, it’s #MuellerTime. We deserve real facts from our government. The office of the president has a global obligation to be truthful. If the office holder can’t be trusted, how will our allies — and adversaries —trust us ? We need real facts, not alternative ones. We must reject anyone who willfully lies to us. You wouldn’t (or shouldn’t) accept it in your home, in relationships or in our work place. Truth IS truth — don’t defend someone who tries to tell you otherwise. Reject anyone who openly lies to the face of the American people and the world. We deserve better. We can get it, if we want it.


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