“Trust him, he’s the President,” Voices from Trumptown

We are in trouble. Leadership is compromised in the land. Rational & honest leadership must exist at all levels of government. You cannot bluff, brag, lie, misinform your way out of a crisis. Those who really care about this nation — and the world — will continue to speak truth. The logical, bright minds amongst us must be unafraid of the criticism by those already clouded into being deceptive or willingly deceived. Yes, some are protesting closures at state houses & beaches — with their signs, chants & guns. Wiser people are masked or at home, safe-distancing. Stay safe — but, also get louder. 45 & friends stop at nothing to win.

Betrayal from the Pastoral Pulpit

“Jesus is my Vaccine”? Jesus knows better.

We know the horrors of Hitler. More of us need to understand the story of Jim Jones & Jonestown. It is a recent American story of the dangers persuasive people, mixed with mass hysteria can produce. It’s a tragedy that isn’t likely covered in regular school books or bible study, but it is well documented. California Congresswoman Jackie Spier is a survivor of that horror.

Jim Jones’ charisma moved people — literally, to another nation. Some folks caught on and didn’t go on his vision, but over 900 did. Once there, many learned that he was a self-absorbed, manipulative, lying, narcissistic, perverted sham man — NOT a savior. People around him were afraid to challenge him because of their own egos & self-interests. Some, among him, were just too embarrassed to admit that they were fooled. They couldn’t admit it to those who warned them to beware. People desperately want to believe their spiritual leader wouldn’t betray them. Wrong.

The hundreds dead in Guyana were because of intentional betrayal by their leader and his loyalists.

Everybody in Jonestown didn’t, willingly, drink Jim Jones’ poisonous kool-aid. Some were shamed. Others were forced at gun point. A few finally realized that the danger was real and their leader was mentally unstable. But, it was too late. And still, some people were willing to force poison down the throats of their own children and loved ones, before taking it themselves. They so deeply believed the Reverend — not the Jesus of their bible — was their savior. The tragedy of Jonestown should remind us that some people are gullible enough to be deceived by a persuasive leader, with slick words and campaigns that validate their preferences and prejudices — even to death.

Betrayal from a Presidential Bully Pulpit

Those willing to wield guns & descend upon state houses & defy governors & medical experts act like Jonestown folk. They ignore reason. Those who claim to be pro-life, ignore politicians who recommend sacrificing the lives of people, for good numbers on Wall St. They don’t realize that our Jim Jones in the White House wants the victory in November at all cost — including sacrificing them, their parents & grandparents (not his or his loved ones, of course).

Trump, and some of the followers of Trumptown, will sacrifice elders, children and workers in the middle to start the economy & bizarrely honor his twisted “promise kept”.

Some have taken potentially poisonous pills and planned to drink Clorox, because Trump Jones said it would cure COVID19. Some fight family members to defend blatant lies that Trump and his minions spew. Those who know better — who are elected to uphold democracy — have silently shifted our courts to cover up his misdeeds or bury facts, just so Trump Jones looks good.

Still don’t see the connection with Jonestown? Replace koolaid with Covid19. Folks are demanding people return to unsafe workplaces and conditions without any antidote. Our elders are dying with our history. The administration attempts to strip away healthcare without any plan-b,c,d,e… New, unknown illnesses are affecting children — our future. Jim Jones contributed to the deaths of 918 people. Trump Jones’ words, actions and worse, INACTIONS will have contributed to the deaths of over one-hundred thousand people by Memorial Day (so far). That’s 100,000, in addition to those we’ve lost to other illnesses. There have been 1.5 million cases (so far) Memorial Day should become a call for voter registration, too.

Trumptown has many of the ingredients of Jonestown. Think about the power of media influence in our society. Jim Jones didn’t have social media & Fox News to spread his message — just the pulpit and persuasion. Today, there’s so many more ways to persuade the people. Consider the positions of respected journalist, Brit Hume, former NJ Governor Chris Christie and current Texas Lt. Gov. Dan Patrick. They join the president & a chorus of corporations and politicians who insist the nation must reopen to save the economy. They have the audacity to appease to the pro-life evangelicals and other Trump followers, by suggesting that our elders lives could be sacrificed for the good of the nation. People desperately want to believe their political leaders and partisan pundits won’t lie to them.

These gents — who are older Americans themselves — are given platforms to tell you and me that our elders are expendable. The casual way they have suggested this is beyond unconscionable. Meanwhile, they haven’t stepped to the front of the line to give up the ghost for the good of the nation. Nor have they volunteered their co-elderly family members lives to lift Wall St.

Facts are Facts

The fact that there is still NO vaccine or cure — except testing, masks/hand-washing and social distancing — doesn’t matter. In fact, the lies & deception are as rampant as the virus. The non-mask wearing president insists our testing is the best in the world. It’s not. Georgia state leaders created misleading data charts, which showed cases were improving. They weren’t.

The Lancet, an esteemed medical journal, is another respected force raising the alarms for people to throw out the hazardous drink of disinformation, lies an propaganda served by some elected officials and influencers. This is not a hoax conjured up by some to dethrone Emperor Trump Jones. More Americans must. flush — stop drinking — the lies before the poison (including Clorox) has an irreversible effect on this country and the world.

Especially, since we know there is no bottom with this group. The desperately seeking headlines emperor converts lies to truth and fiction to fact, daily. His previous promotion of hydroxychloroquine led to some followers taking it, becoming sick and, yes, some dying. Now, he’s boasting that he’s popping the dangerous and ineffective drug as a preventive measure.

At a recent press conference, 45 claimed that this drug is being used by, “thousands and thousands of front line workers… a lot of people…lot of doctors are taking it” (without proof). He talked about its effectiveness with malaria, lupus and, possibly arthritis (is he trying to tell us something here?). criticized professionals as getting it wrong, “not friends of the administration”. Then he dropped the bomb lie, and said, “what has been determined is, it doesn’t harm you”. It’s as if Jim Jones’ words rose from the throat of the American President. That should stun anybody with a brain. How many more politicians will keep pouring the brew of lies concocted by this administration? How many more people will continue to believe Trump to death?

Be Wise

I’ve written about the cultish behavior of 45 and followers before. Jim Jones urged his followers to ignore their families. He created alienation that forced them to look to him for protection. Trump Jones is alienating us from our allies across the globe, with his policies and persona. Only he can fix the nation. He’s going to get the cure. He removes critics from his regime. Unfortunately, some will assume he’s right — until they, too, are sickened or deceived to intellectual or physical death.

The wise will mobilize while quarantined and/or slowly & smartly resuming activities. We aren’t safe without a vaccine. No one — with any sense or concern for your well-being — will try to convince you otherwise. So, more competent people must call out the lies and incompetence of Emperor Trump Jones & his friends.

Pro-Life & Anti-Healthcare

And, evangelicals praise the fake pro-life stance of an administration and party that wants to deny healthcare to millions — especially those with pre-existing conditions, mothers-to-be, babies, elderly, and the poor.

The Lancet has joined many reputable, nonpartisan institutions to speak truth. Will you allow your loved ones to binge on lies?

Governors Not Governing

Still, some governors aspire to ascend the political ladder by being presidentially-adjacent. It shows in how they, too, are starting their own disinformation campaigns around voting and COVID19 — to curry presidential favor. Georgia “governor”, Brian Kemp, is committed to deceiving Georgians. Look at Florida Governor Ron DeSantis, who is suppressing COVID19 health data and the Florida vote. And, South Dakota Gov. Kristie Noem rather follow the WH playbook than support workers. She’d rather risk lives than protect Americans — including, undoing the rights of the Soverign Tribes, that are trying to protect their people.

These folks, who push for reopening the economy, all feel offended by those who doubt them. These elected officials, who ignore (or demote or suppress) medical experts are encouraged by images of rabid, gun-totin’, (confederate) flag-wavin’ “patriots”. It makes governors and mayors feel politically invincible, when the president offers words of affirmation — it must be their Love Language.

A vast majority of Americans don’t agree with these electeds and their cheering sections. The majority are practicing safe distancing and don’t need to go to the state house to counter protest against folks without face covering or common sense.

People have died, unnecessarily, because bad information was given by people in authority.

Various factions are mobilizing messaging to fight the emperor and his friends who choose to carry his koolaid. None are above the law.

Stand Up

None should be trusted just because they hold an office. Midnight in Washington should cause bipartisan concern. Some GOP factions are fed up and are creating anti-45 messaging, like Mourning In Washington. Truth will prevail.

We must face the fact that there are a number of Americans who are throwing back the propaganda beverage poured by Trump. They, unfortunately, see the facts and choose to ignore them. The majority are not drinking it. And, they are growing angrier and louder in opposition. The emperor and governor/senate/house friends are nervous that their charade & sea off lies are being unmasked. Their fear is what’s prompting more deception and, increased voter suppression tactics — like fighting voting-by-mail.

Those fighting for a more perfect union must persist. Wisdom keeps us from going to state houses and rallying without masks. Mobilizing with safe-distancing is wise and necessary. The elected must be held accountable — call them 202–224–3121; write & tweet & visit them. Get behind those candidates who are doing the right thing, to help oust the bad seeds. Call out the lunacy and cheer the journalists & who are asking the RIGHT questions & boycott the bull. Neither this nation, nor communities, will thrive — or even survive — without our getting rational leadership in charge. STAT.

Do something. Now. November’s coming.

I invite you to take 2 to 5 minutes for a glimpse of what I think about issues of the day. Nonpartisan, yet, some might not agree - just don’t be disagreeable.

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