Today’s headlines: Brought to you by protest votes and sitting at home on election days…

Sitting at home on Election Days (in November and the last two mid-terms where governors, congressmen, senators, etc. got into power directed against most of us) and making “protests votes have us in the current state of Russian affairs: horribly cruel & debilitating healthcare proposals; attempts to slash basic quality of life funding; wealthy tax cuts; bad environmental policies; increases to the overgrown military; partnership proposals with Russia (and nefarious activities); a dictator-like family set-up; gerrymandered voting districts to still voting power. Would any of the other presidential candidates been worse than what we currently have? What have you done in your states? Have you called to voice your opinions about congress — it’s not too late 202–224–3121? Even if you didn’t vote for your representative, they still work FOR you.

When humans try to strip the ill of their healthcare to fund wars and the rich, you are no longer in a democracy. When people — ”security officers” — dump people from wheelchairs, who are exercising their fundamental right to protest, humanity is descending even further. What does Senator Portman have to say about that? What do any of them have to say about it? Those who took a stand are doing something — the least you can do is make a phone call to demand a healthcare bill that restores humanity and dignity to those in need. Call Congress 202–224–3121.

We need to do better if we really care. I understand that many were duped into thinking that Obamacare is bad — that’s how brainwashing works — repeat something over and over until people believe it. Many even learned to hate Obamacare, because they were told its bad, while being beneficiaries of it (they thought their ACA was something different — ignorance is bliss, and sometimes insured). Your president even stated that Australia had better healthcare than us — do you know what their healthcare looks like? Here’s a quick overview: Their strategy isn’t alone and you can call it “socialized medicine” and try to demonized it — but it works. And, again, your president said it was better than ours. We should want a working system. You should want a working system. Common sense voters should demand working systems.

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I invite you to take 2 to 5 minutes for a glimpse of what I think about issues of the day. Nonpartisan, yet, some might not agree - just don’t be disagreeable.

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