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‪ #ThingsJesusNeverSaid

Folks are turning away from the church because the church is turning away from its primary mission — serving God’s people.

It is disturbing to see how convenient it’s been to adopt a Caucasian-Male-Centered doctrine as God’s plan & divine order. And that God ordained this administration is a stretch beyond belief — but some suggest such. I may not be a theologian, but the biggest hypocrite knows better. Moreover, selling that doctrine of ONLY white is alright has been tried before — it ain’t true. It was tried & it failed before — get over it. God is bigger than the narrowly myopic descriptors folks want to default to in a global society (pale; blonde; blue-eyed; male; American). The promised land isn’t North America and white-dominated philosophy.

It’s time to keep dispelling myths & the fake faith philosophies. Unfortunately, some want to preach & practice trumped up beliefs. In the spirit of sharing, “things Jesus never said,” here are a few more falsehoods & fake phrases to challenge:

  • God helps those who help themselves.
  • Blessed are those who consider love of humankind only optional, for they will be richly rewarded when they come before me.
  • Blessed are the wealthy, 4 they shall inherit the earth.
  • Blessed are those who befriend murderous dictators, for those are my peeps from way back.
  • Blessed are those who ignore pleas for help & deny fellow human beings dignity, they are not your problem.
  • Blessed are those who use their platforms to betray trust and recite lies, for they know that I always thought that truth was overrated.
  • Blessed are those who deny refugees, 4 they shall be rewarded on Election Day.
  • Blessed are the politicians who lie to those they are supposed to serve.
  • Blessed are those who deny children and families a place of refuge, for they should have planned better.
  • Blessed are those elected officials who support cheating 98% of a nation, to reward 2%, for theirs is a well-funded re-election campaign.
  • Blessed are those individuals who have more wealth the many countries, for they can purchase many estates in Heaven.
  • Blessed are the war-makers, for they will bomb the world to peace.
  • Blessed are the faith leaders who endorse lying, racist, philandering politicians, for theirs is the kingdom of heaven.


It is disgusting to see that there are people of faith who will turn their backs on human beings, for political gain. How can those who are biblical scholars so easily duped by a charlatan?

How can people in church’s that send their members on mission trips to other countries, send resources to foreign places, pray for the sick & burdened and minister to “win souls for Christ” or whomever they serve think that its OK to be so heartless against people in this country or who seek refuge from horribly traumatic circumstances? How is this ok?

What are you praying when you pray to keep people in need out of your community or country?

What passages do you recite or meditate on when you see people in need and ignore them?

Where do you stand in your faith, when you are OK with politicians who lie, cheat and steal from the masses to support themselves and wealthy friends & businesses? Does God help those who help themselves to resources that could be shared with the least of These?

I do believe there is a Deepening Crisis in Evangelical Christianity (recent The Atlantic article), when there are people in the faith community who are routinely turning a blind eye to unconscionable assaults against human beings — the most vulnerable in our global society. Certainly, there’s a crisis afoot, when faith leaders will rally around a politician who has declared he has no need for seeking forgiveness. The “chosen president” has failed at virtually every path towards betterment that preachers weekly urge their congregations to avoid. We call for a separation of church and state — when it’s convenient . We’re doing something wrong — God. Jewish people see how these raids and immigration deportation camps are horribly reminiscent of the concentration camps. If you explore Hitler’s rise, you will see parallels to Trump’s ascent and ideals. We should know better. We fought this before.

When pastors become political pawns; knowingly; something is morally wrong.Why should folks go to a church that doesn’t practice what it preaches? This isn’t a declaration calling for human perfection. But, as a rational human, after a small assessment on what really value as a human being, are you ok with what you’re witnessing.

The Dems have been recently demonized as being too worldly. Too permissive. Too hollywood liberal. Now, they’re praying, while the GOP keeps preying on our resources and demonstrating no regard for common decency, our health, or wounded or simple respect for humanity.

The tables have turned. Democrats were the racists that the Republicans have become. The once morally upright GOP are now the far more permissive (*as long as its white males doing the deed).

Do you find discriminatory practices and denying healthcare & general well-being for pore people in your spiritual text or practices? If you do, I’d challenge you to check your own values. Jesus DID promote the Golden Rule — Do unto others as you would have them do unto you. It seems like a good place to start when you navigate life. Would you want others to harm you or those you say you care about?

When the church isn’t standing up for humanity, then it’s time for an upheaval of rapturous proportions. We need a revelation and some revolutionary actions — urgently.




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