The Truth Shall Make You Free

History Lesson: The National Park Service stopped providing official headcounts for events that occur on the Mall in D.C., because people complained about their under-counting of the 1995 Million Man March. The media needs to tell the truth — numbers don’t lie. We had more than 1,000,000 people attend the first Million Man March, President Obama’s first inauguration (nearly as many at the 2nd), and today. Bizarre that they wouldn’t commit to being more accurate, instead.

Let’s be clear, the number of people at @womensmarch eclipsed yesterday’s inauguration — yes, it was trumped. Easily 1,000,000 smart, determined, committed, passionate, articulate, patriotic (and nasty) people made their voices heard today in D.C. And they were joined by many more voices around the world in unity. And it was BEAUTIFUL.

We stood & marched, in unity, against hate, anti-Black racism, bigotry, misogyny, homophobia & Islamophobia & anti-immigration policies. We showed up in 600 Cities. & on SEVEN continents. And we are just getting started!

As people start the new week, consider taking on a few tasks for the future:

1) Challenge the disinformation coming from the White House.

2) Contact Congress (often) and tell them when they do right & wrong — 202–224–3121.

3) Contact local elected officials often, too.

4) Hold media accountable for under-reporting or inaccurately reporting news.

5) Challenge the lies coming from the White House & Congress. The NewPrez used a press conference — at the Central Intelligence Agency to declare that he’s been on the cover of Time magazine more often than anyone ever (at 15 times — a world record he called it). That was a LIE! He fails to count Richard Nixon (55 times). Both Clintons over 20x each. President Obama over 20x.

Why would someone utter such nonsense at all, especially at a critical meeting?

6) All media must call lies what they are — or you’re not doing your job and you are failing the American people and the world. What are you afraid of? Unless your goal is to become FAUXNews, stand up for journalistic integrity. Be the fourth estate, not solely for the state.

7) When media gets it wrong, tell them so. Most outlets have an ombudsman or fact-checker or op-ed page — use them to voice your opinion. Not sure how? Check out

8) Support organizations, causes & people you believe in, through Time, Talent, Treasure & Testimony. You can do something.

9) Encourage one another.

10) Keep up the energy. You are activated — be an activist.

11) Don’t be discouraged that things aren’t happening immediately. Perseverance works!

12) VOTE in every election from now on. And demand an end to voter suppression and deception in this land and everywhere.

We can all do something — and if we are doing something, commit to doing more.

#WeAreThePeople #WeAreAmerica #WeAreTheWorld #AllTalkAllAction #WeRise #WeWillWin #PolicyMatters

Say NO to #AlternativeFacts

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