The Political Circus around Abuse

Circuses are supposed to be fun, right? People pay good money to cheer on the clowns, contortionists and, of course, the animals. The humans are paid and protected, through employee laws. They have a choice about their employment. The animals are groomed to do what is needed for the show to go on. The animals are taken from their natural habitats (or rescued from an unnatural situation) to appease a hungry public. Circuses and zoos and other places, like Sea World, where animals were central to the business model, have defended their work and have defended how good they treat their animals. PETA and other animal rights organizations, disagree, and fight for their liberation. And, we have seen the “caught on tape” moments where animals fight back against their handlers, and the crowd that cheered them. The game changes when that animal that attacks says, “ENOUGH”.

Humans are animals. We claim biblical dominion over the earth. We use our rightful place on the planet — the galaxy, even — to govern. We create the hierarchy of white males & they designated the order in global kingdom — including in the faith kingdom. There’s a pecking order that is seldom challenged, but, when challenged, it upsets things. Like the suffragist, women’s liberation & civil rights movements, women & people of color fighting back will be met with resistance from the rulers of kingdoms.

#MeToo, like #BlackLivesMatter (borne of the civil rights stands from decades past), has exponentially gained momentum across the globe and members of the male species are having a tough time admitting to their historical wrongs.

The Ringmaster is Getting Tamed

In the circus realm, the ringmaster “calls” call the shots. They set the tone and tempo for the the show. For decades, ringmasters have been males. When the first female ringmaster in the 146 year history was announced by the famed Ringling Bros, ironically, RB announced their plans to roll up the tents & close two days later. Perhaps, there is some symbolism in the fact that women are challenging the once venerable (by decree) male ringmasters in our corporate offices, media empires, Congress, the Supreme Court & White House.


Twenty seven years after Anita Hill, J.D., stood up against the male-dominated establishment, Dr. Christine Blasey Ford has stood up to the ringmasters, and is being vilified. Yet, she persists, even as the political ringmasters grasp at legitimizing their horrible stance against a claim of abuse. They have elevated the integrity of their peer (white; male), while questioning the credibility of a woman who seeks to purge her heart of a traumatic horrible moment in her past.

The ringmasters deem their buddy as “one of the finest human beings you’ll ever meet”. They have no use for the claims of abuse from “the woman”. Kavanaugh says he didn’t do it. With “Deny, deny, deny” serving as the useful mantra of their leader, Trump, Kavanaugh is Free and clear. “It wasn’t me”, is good for them, even if one person, who was IN THE ROOM, state’s otherwise.

I ask you, has there been any adult who has claimed abuse by a Catholic priest been questioned about their memory? Have any of them been outright rejected because they waited too late to come forward? Which of them have been pushed to testify and defend their memory? Simply put, what politicians are challenging those abused by priests, but are just speaking out? NONE!

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The politicization of how partisan, elected officials are treating an abuse victim is unconscionable. No one who suffers assault should be subjected to further assault from more people — strangers. His story is becoming clearer. He’s admitted — three years ago — of the Vegas style living of his high school. High school. His friend wrote the book “Wasted”. But, boys will be boys — even some Republican women agree

Let’s get on with it

These politicians wish they could move their work forward like the good old boy days. Time is of the essence to them and we have to get this nominee confirmed. Never mind most of the same, urgent voices waited 11 months, and a new presidenial election, to get a SCOTUS nominee confirmed, before. They will allow a he said, she said debate move forward so their majority vote will hand them a victory they’ve already chosen.

The Difference between Church & State

Imagine if Pope Francis & the Catholic Church told abuse victims,

“Why didn’t you tell us of your abuse sooner?” What if the pope said, “Do you have proof of your assault? Because Priests & Bishops are lifetime appointments and we need to get them confirmed ASAP.” Their position matters more than your healing.”

The world would be outraged — or would it, given the new, low trumpian standards of what’s deemed acceptable to Republicans & some faith institutions? They encourage us to grab female body parts, votes, foreign money & elections.

I find it hard to believe that the political & biblical “right” has such little regard for humanity, itself. But, it appears to give this president and his administration carte blanche in their new, yet old, world order.

I find it even harder to believe that the evangelical network will revere a man who has NO link to their basic tenets — helping the least of us. Trump’s sordid shenanigans and clear disrespect for truth, his own family and the least of his (biblically speaking) is unbelievable. And senators and congresmen that endorse the lies, theft, deceit & disregard for the rule of law cannot be ignored. Politicians willfully elect to give tax breaks to corporations, blow up the deficit & suggest that corporations are people, too. They have no place in federal, state or local positions. They question the need of “entitlements”; basically, support for the least of us. They align with certain members of the faith community to get their vote, without any regard for humanity.

The Catholic Church is seeking solutions:

Meanwhile, our government is seeking expediency. They say they value life — but, they choose who they value most.

Background Check

There are jobs that, naturally, have a higher level of scrutiny. Some people have always held onto a certain level of personal guardrails, as they navigated life, laser focused on the end-game for a profession or position they most desired. My pastor always jokes about how folks (including family) always remember the “old you”.

Brett Kavanaugh has a number of clouds over his head (including a new one). A president with his own clouds, needs a pardon-friendly SCOTUS. Republiteas are looking for a Roe-V-Wade victory. They will all ignore the clouds, for their own uplift. Damn everybody else. Americans who vote for what’s truly right will get what we deserve. No victim deserves being tossed into the center ring. Let’s vote to shut down this circus — it’s not fun.

I invite you to take 2 to 5 minutes for a glimpse of what I think about issues of the day. Nonpartisan, yet, some might not agree - just don’t be disagreeable.

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