The Party of Racist — ‪#ThisIsAmerica

Remember when people — including many Republicans — rejected Trump? They quietly opposed much of what the presidential candidate said/did along the campaign trail. The more outrageous he was, the more rejection came from the party (of course, Democratic opposition was a given). Then, his poll numbers started rising. And, his fanatics bought anything negative about his opponent, Hillary Clinton. FOX-aligned media and street physicians, who diagnosed the worst to be true about her health. Based upon their diagnoses, it’s a wonder she’s even alive today.

Under #trumpism & a #Republitea party, they kinda condemn racism in public, while quietly allowing this behavior to run throughout this country — and affiliate with its party. People, like Paul and Nehlen and Corey Stewart are nominated and celebrated. The party rather reject the words of comedians, like Michelle Wolf and Samantha Bee, but allow #45 , and others, make racist statements & endorse policies and candidates, unapologetically.

Racism Matters

And, what do #WhiteHouse & @GOP advisors say about this new rise of racism? Nothing. Public rejection isn’t enough for the white nationalist Republitea crew; they are proudly running under a party banner — and winning. And Republiteas might disagree in public, but a win — even a racist win — goes in the R column. Even if the R is for “Racist”, they still see “Republican”.

Americans and candidates condemn those fighting for racial justice the enemy. People are proudly spray painting swastikas and racist slurs in America and not a peep comes from this administration. They are actually contesting and seeking to suppress civil rights cases!

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And, #45’s mercurial advisor, Stephen Miller, has been quiet for months, but, his philosophical fingerprints are all over this rise in racism and how emboldened bigots feel in these times. While Steve Bannon was ousted, Miller remains. And Miller’s bigoted beliefs weren’t as scrutinized as Brannon’s — was that strategic, too?

It’s pretty deplorable to witness how elected officials and voters have given incremental endorsements for today’s political landscape. They excuse the bad, as long as it gets them what they want. Every time a new scandal emerged along 45’s campaign trail, Republitea office-holders would balk and critique. But, when they saw those poll numbers rise, they became vote-hungry sheep. Now that he’s in office, they have become passive political lambs. They clearly don’t want to upset their shepherd. They’re silent even when the shenanigans are morally and culturally unconscionable.


There analysis is it’s better to double-down, even if it’s a lie, because it muddies the water. They bank on electorate fatigue and apathy to propel their loud minority into victory. His supporters are coming out of the closet and adopting 45’s philosophy on the campaign trail and on TV (Bye Roseanne), unless they see it as a liability. Right now, joining him is a gold mine in their eyes.

As political scandals continue to be exposed in this administration — including the worst public examples of racist antics in recent years — some of the sheep/lambs continue to blame the last administration for anything bad that happens during this administration. Former Pennsylvania senator, Rick Santorum, joined the “Blame Them Choir”, in suggesting President Obama is to blame for the rise in racism. Yep, he said it. And why not use this successful strategy? It’s what got them the White House and the House & Senate. They are good in staying consistent in the disinformation built upon lies.

The Newt is Back

Former House speaker, Newt Gingrich, who’s had his share of political and personal scandal, called the president a, “story-teller and entertainer”,, whose “whole career has been like this”. But when asked by CBS anchor Gayle King, that, as president, shouldn’t 45 tell the truth, Gingrich agreed that he “should tell the truth, but he also likes to tell stories” (translation: lies, which are still being tallied). He explains that the president’s stories may “stretch things” (translation: BIG lies).

Ride the Wave

So, while the November blue political wave is still being predicted, Gingrich and his political partners are conveniently predicting a “Red wave”. They know how easy it is to use spin to trump truth, so they put the spinmeisters to work early and consistently.

In the event that there is a blue puddle overtaken by the red wave, the racists and associated bigoted policies and practices will be certified as validated by “the people”. And they will be blessed by the evangelical network that still endorses it.

Who do you want to fix the state of the union? Be very clear that if you choose to respond with silence (not challenging candidates; silent on racism; silent on injustices; not voting), those whom you oppose will win.

#VoteThemOut2018 #EverydayRacism #BarrBigots ‬#RootOutRacism #RaceMatters

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