The Monster that Faith & Racism Created

The cries for change are as loud a the cries of the children wanting their parents in a recently released audio tape from a detention center on the U.S./Mexican border.

How did we, as a nation, get to a place where people seeking refuge are being prosecuted, as stated by Homeland Security Kirsten Gillibrand? How did it get to the point where children who survive a treacherous journey to safety are being rewarded with a Mylar blanket? Who comforts a CHILD with a Mylar blanket, a pad on the floor and separation from loved ones — even siblings, if they are of an opposite gender?

The answer? America — particularly, this administration, which won on the promise to “Make America Great Again”. Let’s get more specific, people and clergy who thought that Donald J. Trump, Sr. warranted a shot at the Oval Office. After all, the racists who hated the years where America had its first Black president also harbored extreme hate for the liberal, Hillary Clinton. The MAGA crew felt their savior came down a golden escalator to “fix” the nation.

April 6, 2018 is the date the administration authorized crimes against humanity, by authorizing the prosecution (persecution) of all people seeking refuge at America’s doorstep.

What we see and hear about how our government is treating those seeking peace are being categorized as criminals — it is godless.

Suddenly, after being caught lying 6.5 times a day. After denying any affiliation or knowing anyone from Russia, we find he seems to have many friends who have lied and reversed their lies about knowing Russian people. All of the clear evidence of disinformation from this administration, the president — and his minions — can’t even keep up with their contradictions. And what does Trump do? He doubles/triples/quadruples down on blaming the Democrats. His lies remain hard to count. And his appointees and party-pals continue the deception. That, alone, should be criminal. Trump showed us who he was years ago. Yet, millions of people voted for him — and he got major endorsement from the faith community.

Trump has been forgiven for all past, present and future misdeeds by his party and a diverse array of evangelicals. And, the man who gave us “Two Corinthians”, has dispatched his AG, press secretary and spokeswoman/advisor Kellyanne Conway, to preach the gospel of Trump.

I wonder how many evangelicals are still in this administrations corner. I also wonder why it took these specific horrors to turn heads? This is a partial list of many faith folks who refuse to misinterpret the Bible in the disjointed & deceptive way this administration is “preaching”:

  • United Church of Christ has responded.
  • Bishop Michael Curry, presiding bishop of the Episcopal Church.
  • Armenian Church of America
  • Islamic Society of North America
  • Evangelical Lutheran Church in America
  • Moravian Church Southern (and northern) Province
  • Mennonite Church USA
  • Disciples of Christ
  • Union for Reform Judaism
  • Islamic Relief USA
  • Presbyterian Church (USA)
  • Religious Action Center of Reform Judaism
  • Reformed Church in America
  • Christian Methodist Episcopal Church
  • International Council of Community Churches
  • Signers included Rev. Samuel Rodriguez, who read scripture at Trump’s inauguration
  • Leith Anderson, President of the National Association of Evangelicals and their letter

That’s a lot — but it’s not enough.

You may recall the evangelical debate of 2016. That blind loyalty — absent consistency of faith values — built support & silence, which contributed to his victory. He hasn’t changed.

Here are some more.

Scott Arbeiter, President of World Relief

Shirley V. Hoogstra, Prex of Council for Christian Colleges and Universities

Hyepin Im, President & CEO of Korean Churches for Community Development

Jo Anne Lyon, Ambassador for The Wesleyan Church

Russell Moore, President of the Southern Baptist Convention’s Ethics & Religious Liberty Commission

Richard Stearns, President of World Vision

The headlines are troubling in every hour. Oregon Senator Denied Entry To Immigration Detention Center, Has Police Called On Him

2,500 women clergy have signed onto a letter.

United Methodist Church issued a statement.

AME Church issued a statement.

But it’s still not enough. And some of those “faith & values” leaders remain more true to a reality star than the heavenly star.

Even presidential BFF, Rev. Frank Graham, son of icon Rev. Billy Graham, head of ultra-conservative Liberty University has finally found fault in his politicsl savior. Weren’t you the one emboldening him by giving him a pass for his infidelity, non-tax disclosing, incessant lying, race-bating self.

In January, Graham called him a “changed man”, to defend today’s Trump with the Stormy Daniels Trump. What was the change? Nothing. He, enlightened by his advisors, have been planning this cruelty since he got in office. The advisors, like Stephen Miller, go way back with their hate. How did Graham and other church fans think trump would be any different with advisors like Miller and Bannon in his ear? Where is the spirit of discernment?

The hyper-conservative Family Research Council leader, Tony Perkins, suspects that opponents to his favorite president, Trump, blames the inflamed debate on immigration as a drummed up distraction from the successful(?) North Korea Summit (a torturing, maniacal dictator who smiles is a good friend to have). Perkins, too, is forgiving of the name-calling philanderer, who disrespects women and people of color with impunity. Perkins places the responsibility on Congress, while giving his presidential BFF (the one who has signed executive orders to start or stop things at a moments notice) a pass. Here were his thoughts on immigration some years ago.

Interestingly, Perkins gave Trump a “mulligan” on life, pre-presidency (Stormy Daniels; Access Hollywood bus bragging; etc.). How could he, and other people with a modicum of compassion, validate the unapologetic tsunami lies and deception from this administration? Trump told the world he doesn’t ask for forgiveness before he got elected. Do you think he is changed? Really? He contributed to the creation of this monster. A monster that embraces the dictator who persecutes Christians.

Those of us who believed Trump to be the person he showed us, before, already knew what this growing list of clergy and laypeople are suddenly discovering; this president has no soul. He has lied & mislead many (3,000+ times and still counting).

So, some folks are suddenly “shocked” that this president, his appointees and his party are so heartless. Their advisors and pundits, like Ann Coulter, are just that cruel. Coulter brings out the gross “child actors” claim. Alex Jones and others claimed the Sandy Hook murders didnt happen. That is disgusting.

Candidate Trump professed his ability to abuse women without repercussion. Have you forgotten that he declared that he could shoot someone on the middle of 5th Ave, and folks would still support him? Its true. There are about 35% of Americans (and some factions around the world), who support the separation of families in the name of MAGA and MAWAL (making America White At Last).

Those who endorse 45, do so knowing that he’s spoken violence against women. They don’t care about his incessant lies. They’re ok that he celebrates dictators like those who rule China, Russia & North Korea. They shouldn’t be surprised, since he admitted to reading Hitler’s speeches — he envies adulation. They don’t event realize that they are pawns to give power and validation to leaders who care less about them.

Call 202–224–3121 — operators — that you pay for — are standing by.

This is a Republitea telling a reporter that his district trumps “his president”. He cites the unprecedented amount of correspondence he’s received about immigrant families being separated.

““We certainly want to support our president, but most of us have to support our district first,” said Rep. Mark Meadows (R., N.C.), who is close to the president, as he headed into the meeting. “It has not only got my attention but requires action,” Mr. Meadows said about the issue, which he said has sparked more constituent mail than any in recent memory.”

If this doesn’t give you incentive to call and write your elected officials, what will?

Faith and racism created this monster. It will take greater faith and more activists to loudly denouncing racism and racists.

Those who know better will need to step up and do better for the least of us.

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