The HBCU Savior

The promise to make historically black colleges and universities (HBCUs) great again is one of those thrown bones that make critics look ungrateful. He makes a claim that people call a good thing or says he’s on the right path, like we ignore all the antics on both sides of that sliver of a good thing. Obama introduced HBCU engagement in the White House; imperfect, but should have been on every presidents list of important work. Don’t be duped by distraction.

People assume this promise to help “the Blacks” will win him votes from the Blacks (Omarosa, his Blacks whisperer, probably wrote it). Don’t be hoodwinked into thinking that his episodic positive moments erase the sustained negative ones. He supports HBCUs in a 5 minute speech, on a Saturday morning, so?

Know a farce when you see it. He (and his party) also plan to: undo healthcare access for us; promise a fix on public k-12 with an unqualified henchwoman, who will push for a separate & unequal system; threaten the diaspora with bigoted immigration policy; ignore racism, which is what gave birth to HBCUs; defend environmental injustice (even plan to expand it); invest in war vs people; attempt to undermine the 1st amendment; advocate stop/frisk; support expanded the prison system; vote against living wages; undermine voting rights; lie to all of us on the regular — from The Central Park Five to President Obama’s birthplace to inauguration crowd sizes to relationships with Russia. How do you justify chronic lying as a presidential value?

If President Obama went on a “Love the Black People tour”, Dems and Repubs would have been outraged (intact, they were and voted against it all). He loved us through healthcare reform. He loved on us with changing sentencing laws. He loved on us with HBCU and brothers keeper. He loved on us with addressing policing. He loved on us with challenging voting access. All that made him reviled by overt and covert operations against him — from both parties.

Now, we have an administration that wants to do away with ALL OF what President Obama did — while facing six years of an unapologetic opposition. This same Congress that wants to ignore egregious acts, now wants us to go lockstep with a president who has offended virtually anyone who isn’t genetically (socially; financially; racially) his peer. An administration that says all American lives matter — when policies they want to roll back or rewrite clearly don’t. He is the great warrior who wants a stronger military — while neither he nor his children fought. But ours will.

Because, he said what President Obama dared not utter, he’s our great white hope?!! Really? Is fake news and alternative facts that persuasive that folk are losing the simple ability to discern? Are folk that gullible? Black folk have been hoodwinked enough to know better than this age-old okey-doke . Can Obamacare cover this illness, I’ll call, “disinformstionitis”?

For those cheering an hour and 10 minutes of scripted lucidity in a speech that nicely affirmed all of the stuff he’s been spewing with different tone or through different puppets, are you swooning from the tone alone (his “best political speech” praise sounds like you’re delusional). This is not a toddler learning to speak and walk, so we have to encourage lil pookie with every step and ignore when he tumbles or said “ga-ga” instead of “tree”. This is a grown man, given enormous responsibility — no pass zone. Missteps at this level can cost lives. them while ignoring

Did his 5 minutes of Black love sermon from his mount undo the carnage he spoke of a few weeks ago? What has he done or executive ordered to fix the ghettos? Was his Black museum tour so enthralling, even if he used it to denounce Anti-semitism, but didn’t talk about police-involved violence against Black/brown people, Black church burnings and killings, LGBTQIA hate, or Muslim attacks with the same specificity? I wonder if he even visited the disturbing room at the National Museum of African American History and Culture, which memorialized Emmett Till and his brutal murder.

When you’ve finished celebrating one speech, please ask the more important question: Who will be left to attend HBCUs if the rest of the self-described “deconstruction plan” is effective? And for bonus points, ask how his ally, Russia, feels about Black people?

If you are taking away resources that stunt human building, from zero-18, then, who will attend these wonderful colleges you speak so wistfully about recreating — created in an age of discrimination and still necessary today? If his education secretary doesn’t even understand what an HBCU is, how can she help get the students she’s tasked to help? Will her job be to simply separate of charter vs public schools and promote the charter elite while relegating public school kids to a prison pipeline (which his AG is happy to flood)?

If you aren’t tackling racism — AND ALL OF ITS DEEPLY ROOTED TENTACLES — then what world will these HBCU graduates face?

We know they will reap love if they can just make it to an HBCU. But, what about their reception in the job search? How about success in the loan office that is assessing their small business loan application? How about with those perusing their application for a contract? Or, with the mortgage broker for the home they or their parents are tying to buy? Who is addressing the negative preconceived expectation about their capabilities from their teachers in k-12? What about fair rights on election days? Any love extended towards our brothers and sisters of the Black diaspora? Yes, those who are being turned away or driven underground because of immigration policies? How will a photo op for HBCUs transfer to your House help. any of these folks get there?

All policies matter. If you are only creating policies that help them IF they get to college, then you missing so many more you claim to care about.

Let’s be clear, I want success for this nation — and a peaceful world — as much as anyone. However, that includes truth and accuracy — and a dose of honest criticism, when needed. How are you helping all lives matter when we’re under siege when we just shop, drive, walk, breathe , while Black & Brown?

I invite you to take 2 to 5 minutes for a glimpse of what I think about issues of the day. Nonpartisan, yet, some might not agree - just don’t be disagreeable.

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