#TBT — Remember when TRUTH wasn’t the enemy?

I think about how they detested “immorality” — until their own was exposed. And, then, they abhorred foreign ties and big money — until both helped them win elections. Or, how about the good old days when they had absolute disdain for liars. Remember? They had a ravenous desire to expose lies and, by extension the liars, by any investigative means necessary. Yes, the most villainous act was to lie to Congress and the American people. Ahhhh, it was so beautiful when they proudly turned on the spotlight and tried to point it under every rock, nook and cranny — they wanted to T.R.U.T.H. Ahhh, those were the good old days.

Alas, now, instead of wanting to get to the truth, they rather demonized the spotlight.

Oh, how I miss those days of political responsibility. How can we return to them — or do many people even want to?

Hello Joy-Ann Reid Anderson Cooper 360 Roland Martin NPR Morning Edition The Black Church Center for Justice and Equality NBC News Trevor Noah Farajii Muhammad CBS News ABC News CNN International The Rachel Maddow Show Jonathan Capehart OWN: Oprah Winfrey Network AM Joy on MSNBC MSNBC Bloomberg Washington Post Live Newyorktimes com BBC News Courtland Milloy Jr Morning Joe Media Matters for America Color Of Change Congressional Black Caucus Congressman Joaquin Castro Congressional Hispanic Caucus U.S. Senator Bernie Sanders U.S. Senator Kamala Harris U.S. Senator Elizabeth Warren U.S. Senator Al Franken NewsOne Now Mediaite Julianne Malveaux April D Ryan Is there one, in either party, that will fight for truth?

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