#SaveMyCare Make #32MillionCalls

‪Congress is trying to use political maneuvering to avoid a responsible review of healthcare reform, as they continue their mission to erase the Obama era. While threats of war and national disasters surround us, some in Congress are attempting to, heartlessly, un-insure 32million people — even as millions of Americans are suffering after back to back hurricanes on the mainland and in U.S. Territories.

The latest attempt to erase the ACA is a deceptive promise. The proposal offers to turn over billions of dollars to states that will “manage” health coverage on their own. The authors, conveniently, neglect to admit that their peers who legislate in states like Alabama, Georgia, & Florida, rejected ACA Medicaid expansion for those who need support most (including, largely, people of color). Senators Dr. Cassidy (Louisiana) & Graham (South Carolina) “serve” states with some of the greatest health inequities (and other disparities) in the country. They rejected Medicaid expansion in an attempt to sabotage and diminish the effectiveness of the ACA — and deceive Americans.

ACA could be more effective and appealing to insurers if Congress and the WH would stop sabotaging it. If elected officials were more legislatively stable, they could truly improve healthcare in America. Over 60 votes and eight years later, the majority congress has generated increasingly bad proposals. Even Trump has ridiculed the republican senate for their waste of time and bad ideas. For this latest bad bill, they simply want to claim a victory in a vote by September 30th. They don’t care about the content or impact. Which means they don’t care about us.

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Upon the election of Trump, he and his allies drastically curtailed ACA enrollment advertising, in an attempt to reduce enrollment. They shortened the enrollment period, to make it more difficult to sign up. They have lied and schemed to demonize Obamacare, instead of improve it, for years.

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They have lied, to get elected on the Repeal & Replace mantra, too. They, shamefully, had no replacement! As the people slowly realized that ACA (aka Obamacare) is important for millions (including them and loved ones, they have begun to reject anything less for their health’s sake. That’s what the politicians fears would happen. This partisan commitment to a, now rejected, campaign promise is pure hypocrisy. They don’t care about us or the budget, since they are willing to increase military spending and dole out tax cuts for the wealthy.

Healthcare Hacks

These politicians have already declared their loyalty to their political party over human lives in their states. They care less about healthcare and more about partisan politics and wealthy lobbyists and donors.

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Give them #32MillCalls 202–224–3121 — if you care about healthcare, people with pre-existing conditions and our children’s health & wellness, you will demand #Congress rejects the latest cruel proposal to make healthcare an expensive dice roll or state option.

#DrSenatorCassidy and other elected officials — some, who are physicians — have sacrificed the Hippocratic Oath for an oath to hypocrisy and loyalty to their political party over human lives. How do they look at themselves? How does their families believe in them?

Healthcare Matters for All

I trust the credibility of the American Medical Association over these politicians who see dollar signs over human lives. The ACA has rejected every proposal to replace Obamacare that has been submitted by the Republican Party. They reject the #GrahamCassidy legislation as well.

Rich politicians, with healthcare subsidies can afford the garbage they offer up as solutions — we cannot.

If you care, you will call — 202–224–3121 & tell Capitol Hill to reject #GrahamCassidy proposal.


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