Real Democracies DEFEND Voting

This is a democracy. Central to democracy is the right for its citizens to cast a ballot. Why is it becoming harder for Americans to vote? And, why are those in office, who are supposed to defend our Constitution & democracy, allowing others to be complicit in denying any citizen the right to vote? I dare you to ask that of your:

  • Council representative
  • Mayor/County executive
  • Congress person
  • Senator
  • President

You should also pay attention to what’s happening in other states. Remember, ever state gets two votes in the Senate and you have one of the 435 votes in Congress, plus six non-voting delegates (unfortunately). All representatives impact where you live — for or against your interests.

Our political parties and citizens should be unison about protcting the integrity of our democracy. A fair election should produce fair reaults. Checks and balances matter, too. Meanwhile, Maryland and other states are expressing concerns about the security of voting systems — all states, all parties, should demand & construct safe voting systems, right? Have you asked you electeds yet? ? Remember these folks work for you and YOU pay their salaries and for the systems they are entrusted to manage.

Countdown Georgia — And America

The contentious & historic gubernatorial in Georgia keeps exposing new strategies that make voting difficult (or impossible) for its residents. How can over 100,000 people be stripped from the voter rolls? They — and you — should challenge the process. There are names from every party on those rolls, so no one is exempt.

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Georgia’s “exact match law” and questionable state-level decisions to purge folks from the rolls, is taking rights from some people. The new rules & enforcement make you wonder about the process, when a candidate for office is also in charge of the voting process for the state.

While disproportionately impacting populations of color, Georgia laws are impacting a diverse group of voters.

Don’t think that you are exempt from possible changes to voting laws, because you’re not in Georgia. “Nearly every state has changed something about its voting process”, according to this #ProPublica article.

Start your registration/voting process early, so you can address any possible discrepancies — and protect your voting rights. Do you know what’s changed in your state?

‪The Purge

Are you still on the voter rolls in your state? The SCOTUS recently upheld Ohio’s ability to purge those who miss elections. Yep, the state of Ohio fought (and won) the right to deny its own resident a right to vote. Yep, an American veteran — who risked his life for God & Country & Democracy — was told that the democracy that he fought for, didn’t defend his democratic right to vote.

This doesn’t benefit democracy at all.

You should check your voting status ASAP, because voting rolls are being purged in overt and covert ways.

Investigative journalist Greg Palast, created some tools to help people in several states learn if they are still eligible (more states to come). If you’re in these states, check your status:





Las Vegas & Reno


‪Use resources, like When We All Vote, resource to confirm your voter eligibility in your state. Native voters are facing interesting challenges with their ID’s being challenged in Nebraska, North Dakota & elsewhere. Asian, Black & Latinx populations have been fighting and winning, but we have more work to do to protect our democracy.


1) Start your registration/voting process early, so you can address any possible discrepancies — and protect your voting rights.

2) You should find out your polling place ASAP — it might have changed.

3) Does your company allow you time off to vote? They should & you should know.

4) Urge family and friends to get their voting act together. Historically, mid-terms have low turnouts. That should never be again.

If voting wasn’t important, people would try to prevent SOME people from exercising their right to vote. America’s greatness is found in our right to vote.

Foreign governments, who have repressive, dictatorial political structures, wouldn’t try to undermine your vote, if it didn’t matter. Recent charges against a Russian agent, who allegedly worked on a new disinformation project, builds on 2016’s confirmed intrusive attacks upon our country. We were attacked and some people in office failed to respond accordingly. You should value your vote more than (insert any world leader here): _______________. You vote should matter to those who are governing our county — or you need to replace them WITH your vote.

Trust your voting system. But, verify that it’s working without partisan or foreign influence. Vote to be in the game in every election from now on. Not voting can get you kicked out of the game. You don’t want to be surprised and/or denied on Election Day!



‪Spread the word & VOTE for the nation’s sake!‬

I invite you to take 2 to 5 minutes for a glimpse of what I think about issues of the day. Nonpartisan, yet, some might not agree - just don’t be disagreeable.

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