Racism is at Work — Anti-racism advocates must work harder.

There are people who are committed the fight for a more civil society, and denounce bigotry, following the horrible murder of college student Richard Collins, III .

Until a few weeks ago, Michael Anthony Peroutka belonged to the League of the South, an Alabama-based group that decries the presence in this country of “hordes of non-white immigrants” and wants the South to secede from the union and return to its “Anglo-Celtic” roots. This was before the president was recruiting immigrants from Norway.

Read more about this County Council member and his affiliation. Shameful. Yes, Michael Peroutka is another elected official with ties to hate.

And just as fake news played a significant role in our well-documented presidential election, it seemed to play a role in Peroutkas win, too. Here’s how they did it. He is now the Ann Arundel County Council member, representing District 5.

He has shared his views on Martin Luther King, Jr. and equality as well. I hope that Peroutka is over-ruled. This is just one example of the how elected officials influence, and their background matters.

Are there elected officials (or candidates) like this where you live? Are you aware of similar racial views, held by electeds, which impact legislation where you or your family/friends live?

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From the Southern Poverty Law Center

We saw how racism and racists terms get “softened” by giving it/them names like nationalists or alt-right. Yet, we see how hate kills — from The University of Maryland to an Oregon train station. We cannot afford apathy to be the response to racism at the local, state or federal level.

This legislation passed because people, like folks in the Anne Arundel Huddle Huddle Network, spoke up. If you’re in Maryland and support anti-hate legislation, the county (410) 222–1401 and state (410) 974–3901 need to hear from you. If there is anti-hate legislation in your city or state, speak up to support it (or urge lawmakers to push for it).

Racism is all over & around the GOP. Please pay attention and vote accordingly.

This is for #RichardCollinsIII #RickyJohnBest & #TaliesinMyrddinNamkaiMeche and the countless people who have died or suffered trauma because of hate. #SilentIsConsent #ShiningALight #RacialEquityMatters #Eracism #BanBigotry #KnowYourHistory

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From the Smithsonian National Museum of African American History and Culture

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