Racism & Poverty is at Home in Alabama (it’s not sweet)

In 2020, we have politicians living like it’s 1862 — is that great to you? Their views on race help (mis)shape their policies. As one of the poorest states in the nation. Alabamans should be demanding better of their elected officials. Voters should be constantly demanding better and those elected should be doing better. Will Senator-elect Tommy Tuberville grasp the issues of race & povery in Alabama, and work to improve outcomes. Or, is his weak grasp of U.S. history as a frightening indicator of his commitment to facts and a desire to leverage his seat to improve outcomes for Alabama and America?

Race matters. Politicians and those they are supposed to serve have much work to do to fix it. A new wave of archaic bigotry is in state houses & Washington. It was embraced by Alabamans Jeff Sessions (Coretta Scott King warned us) & Roy Moore (he spoke of race including ‘reds and yellows’). How long will you let it continue?

The race debate & wealth divide challenges won’t end by ignoring them. In fact, ignoring — and ignorance — only make it worse. And where does your state rank? Race has always mattered in this nation. Don’t forget it — and don’t ignore it.