Public Service = Indentured Servants?

Face it, the federal government is closed for trumped up reasons — literally. If your paycheck has been put on hold, don’t fret, the HR department (aka Office of Personnel Management) has offered up sample letters to send to your landlord, mortgage company or creditor(s). This isn’t funny at all.

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Yes, the letter suggests bartering to (hopefully) stave off evictions or debt collectors. Apparently, Republican members of Congress and their president are OK with these, because they are wealthy or, minimally, collecting that paycheck (you pay for). Pennsylvania Representative, Scott Perry, has the audacity to doubt financial fears of employees who will lose a paycheck, because of the president. Just to be clear, Rep. Perry, his party & the executive — who works FOR you — are withholding the pay of YOU, the employers. Outrageous!

If OPM is established to address the civilian government workforce, what agency manages incompetence & irresponsible behavior in the WH & Congress? Oh yes, Congress — and voters. And, who handles a Congress that shirks its responsibilities? Again, the real governments funder & employer, voters.

Yes, OPM can attempt to resolve employee problems, but Congress — and us — must manage, fire and hire — if necessary — a competent Congress and chief executive.

And, for all of those exemplary (or even marginal) government employees who won’t get paid during the trumped up shutdown, you have every right to be bitter. Your personnel record is suitable enough for you maintain governments employment, but you have to sit at home unpaid, or worse, report to duty without pay — through no fault of your own. Meanwhile, this is what’s currently in the personnel file of the current executive (andthis’s is what’s in the public record); he’s:

Lied on his application;

Cheated to get the job, with the help of others;

Failed to provide complete information (tax returns);

Has a history of sexual harassment;

Lies in office;

Proposes bad ideas (#NoWall);

Hires incompetent employees;

Fails to hold the incompetent employees accountable (even encouraging their incompetence);

Adversely impacts our budgets;

Poorly represents us on the world stage;

Creates an unsafe work environment & endangering citizens;

Withholds payroll from thousands of employees;

Screwed up our healthcare;

Misused of funds;

Profits from our resources;

Hold funds from three million employees, hired by contractors.

Once again, our elected officials bicker and we, the people, suffer. They battled people getting basic healthcare, while preserving their own premium treatment (that we pay for). Now, the president has decided to stop paying over three million people & cut access to services and facilities that we also pay for, so he can build an unnecessary wall — with our money. He also hires people who swindle and steal from our pockets (his definition of “the best and brightest” lacks truth). And, now. he has decided to freeze a pay increase to millions more, to help keep the budget in check. But he, nor his party, saw a need to keep their wealthy donors from getting a $1trillion+ windfall. Do you see a pattern here?

OPM & Congress needs to do their jobs and hold the executive branch and its defenders accountable.

#MakeAmericaGreater #VotePeople

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