Political #ThoughtsAndPrayers need ACTION

My #thoughtsandprayers (the “compassionate” catch phrase of politicians after a shooting) is that @SteveScalise (Republican Congressman and survivor of the recent baseball park shooting in Virginia) convinces peers to join @ChrisMurphyCT & @Everytown to address #gunviolence. Whenever we witness these tragedies, politicians are quick to deflect attention away from taking legislative action — every time, watch and listen. Politicians are more beholden to the NRA than to public safety and humanity.

When an incident happens on foreign shores or by a “foreign terrorist”, politicians rush to act and condemn and recommend policies to restrict the demons from coming onto our shores. But, when the demon is home-grown, they have no “solution”.

No wall or travel ban will prevent the typical profile of mass shooters who commit this brand of domestic terror — white, male.

There is NO justification or logical explanation for civilians to have high-powered weapons like those used by unhinged individuals who terrorize us with mass or single shots. Congress & state officials must come to terms with the frequency and impact of the domestic terror that happens more frequently than the foreign-born, headlines that our electeds want us to focus on and fear the most. We should demand that they think, pray and ACT. Our urgency for action needs to be sustained and intentional; whether it happens in #LasVegas, #Newtown, #Virginia, #California, #Dallas, #Chicago, #Baltimore, #DC. Your school, workplace, community, concert could be next. If Las Vegas is the worst U.S. mass shooting (Pulse Nightclub once had that dubious title, at 49)to date, why not take action to try to mitigate future tragedies? Listen for the excuses, in the coming days, where electeds will avoid taking any legislative action.

Congressman Chris Murphy (Connecticut) has been on the uphill battle to address gun violence in a legislative body that embraces the archaic interpretation of the 2nd amendment more than the people they serve. #ChrisMurphyCT needs more elected officials to join the fight. #Congress will act when we TELL them to act, so call 202–224–3121 and take a stand against gun violence.

This must become a steady drumbeat instead of the headline-focused compassion, which fades as the story fades. We need to pay more attention to the thousands of incidents that happen here, not only raise the volume when a “big story” happens. Shame on us for letting the body count determine how much attention a shooting gets — don’t #AllLivesMatter?

We need action, not platitudes!

#StopTheViolence #DomesticTerrorism #ThouShallNotKill

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