Poetic Injustice

Judas & the Black Messiah should be required viewing in our schools and for every elected official and candidate. It won’t be, though. Utah is attempting to make Black History — also known as American history — optional for students. And, Republican lawmakers in Arkansas, Iowa, Mississippi, Missouri and South Dakota want to punish schools that teach the 1619 project. You have to wonder how federal, state and local officials of those states — and others — thought about the condemned 1776 report that was conjoined up and released on Martin Luther King, JR. Day by the last administration.

Americans reserve Black America history for February — if they pay attention at all. I wonder if those electeds knew anything about Fred Hampton, who was a community activist, who was committed to serving his people. They LOVE posting about Black History Month and issue the requisite statements on King’s birthday. See, they’re not racist — racists would never extol the virtues of the man with a Dream.

Lest we forget.

I doubt they learned about how Fred Hampton was tracked, framed, harassed and, ultimately, assassinated at 21 years old — as he slept. The government saw a young Black man, who held no public office or any seat of power, as a threat. The bigger threats against democracy seem to be those who seek building multi-identity coalitions. Very King-like. Very dangerous — even when you come in peace.

FFWD — 2021

It’s timely that this moving has come out now, after a tumultuous election season snd aftermath. Because, Fred Hampton was exercising his constitutional rights to assemble and speak out. He didn’t hold office, but he held an opinion. And his opinion was a threat to the powers of the time. Meanwhile, the leader of the free world; person with the nuclear codes; assembled domestic terrorists to commit insurrection. to overthrow the American government. His lawyers defended his sedition as a “first amendment” right. He called the election a fraud before the first absentee vote was counted. He knew he was losing, so it was easier to cry foul than admit defeat. He sought to overturn a fair election so he could win. Just him. Nobody else. Yet, he gets acquitted by people who took oaths to defend this nation against adversaries — foreign & domestic?

This land of the free isn’t home of many brave people in Congress. But history has shown us in documents & film just how unevenly justice for all is applied.

There have been people who have betrayed somebody for something for centuries. So, we must question (albeit not surprised) whose side are some of us on? When there’s progress, there’s, often, somebody who is opposed to it. How many more Judas’ are amongst us? What is their price for betrayal? How many other stories are held in documents/tapes/files that won’t be released without a Freedom of Information Act download (more here)?

Fred Hampton’s story is an American story. William O’Neal — his Judas — is an American story. The government plot against its own people is an American story, too. There is so American history about Black people and other people of color in America that will likely remain hidden for another generation to make a film about it (if we’re lucky).

How many generations will it take for any of the three R’s (restitution/reparations/recompense) to be allocated for these crimes against Americans — by Americans? Poetic justice is elusive in America. Poetic INJUSTICE is more commmon. Today’s revolutionaries know that if one person is lifted up, a bullseye follows. So they are leading and mobilizing, strategically. Many leaders on myriad fronts. The election victories in November, 2020, have scared those who possessed the doctrines of the people who put bullseyes on Fred Hampton and Martin Luther King, Jr. The Brennan Center issued a report which reveals over 100 laws being considered to suppress more voting — in America’s “democracy”.

Many American activists have lived, inspite of threats & dangers seen & unseen. But, their lives were oppressed to death. Their messages were stifled or suppressed, because of it they caught enough ears, the righteous revolution might come sooner.

The 🎯 is real.

So, the people must still write, march, protest, boycott, run, VOTE (REPEAT) to make change come. They righteous voices are growing stronger, in spite of the actions of 43 frightened senators.

The Republic is still standing as the outrage grows louder. January 6th & February 13 will be remembered as new dates of infamy. The U.S. Constitution was exposed for what it really is — an aspirational playbook that is subject to change — depending upon who is in power.

The Constitution of the United States of America is described as our “Founding Document”. Amending it requires a lot— allegedly. Apparently, some of the stanzas/actions/amendments that were etched in ink are actually in Etch-A-Sketch in the eyes of members of Congress, some of those charged with violating it & with some lawyers.

Maybe it doesn’t rhyme enough for some folks. Perhaps, the words are too hard to remember for others. Was it taught in their schools? Maybe the language is just too hard to follow — tweets are easier. Well, some elected officials & appointed ones — Many who studied law — rather make it up as they go along. If we can now free-style democracy, America, you’re in danger girl.

Maybe they needed a poem to help them remember what this country looks like. Here’s one:

“An American Poem” by Ras Baraka

The work towards justice for all continues.

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