Party Loyalty Trumps Morality & Truth

The hypocrisy of the #Republiteas is beyond belief & beyond deplorable — at local, state & federal levels. It would be one thing if the morally “upright” (in their minds) Republiteas weren’t so morally bankrupt in actuality. Here are a few windows to their souls:

NEWS FLASH: E Tu, uber conservative, #FreedomCaucus, Ohio Congressman, Jim Jordan? As much as you hug the flag & Trump, you have been keeping secrets from THE Ohio State and your constituents? Are you just now, first denying, then changing your statement to endorsing an investigation around the sexual harassment shenanigans of a fellow wrestling coach? I can’t help but wonder if these are the types of secrets that are held by others and helps to keep folks loyal to the Russia-loving U.S. president.

Other antics of the Family Values party:

In Oklahoma, a former state Sen. Ralph Shortey fesses up for trying to pay a teen boy sexual “stuff” last March.

In Pennsylvania: Cong. Tim Murphy, a devout pro-lifer, told girlfriend to get an abortion. The kicker is that he admitted that his staff told him what to say about his anti-abortion doctrine.

In Ohio: Wes Goodman, a staunch married conservative, has sex with a man — in his office.

in Alabama: Judge and senate candidate Roy Moore has been accused of child molestation & sexual assault. Besides using the “deny-deny-deny” & God as his defender and basically, only can only challenge the signature in the high school yearbook of ONE of his multiple accusers. Yet, this man gets the endorsement of his state’s female governor, Kay Ivey.

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But, wait, Gov. Ivey, have you forgott n that you got your seat when former Alabama Gov. Robert Bentley, steps down amid his own sex scandal (and lies). Yet, church leaders and others still stand up to defend Moore because of their trained contempt for Democrats. Gov. Ivey — and mother’s and fathers and sons and daughters — still stand by their man. But, Moore insists he’s innocent and even defends his teen loving ways by claiming that he got permission from some mothers. Alabama might need counseling.

I’m still stunned that Gov. Ivey and others will state defend Moore, just because he’s a Republican. Did she defend Bentley? Should all of the other members of the growing list of fallen heads from #MtMolestMore get to stay in their own seats of power if they are ride-or-die for their party?

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And in this nation, let’s not forget the bragging real estate developer who boasted about how he can use his power/privilege to assault women. He get elected to the White House by the Electoral College — NOT the majority of the population — who rejected him by the millions. He still has at least 11 accusers he hasn’t apologized to or sought any atonement for (and his incessant lies; tales about his own wealth & potential benefits from the tax proposal he’s pushing with his party; failure to release his own taxes; deceptions about Healthcare; and on and on…). He has even been recorded admitting to his assaults — unless, that, to, was a lie. He threatened to sue his accusers, but has yet to do so. So at least one is offering him his day in court, by suing him.

And, we cannot forget the salacious shenanigans of Trump and his silly sidekick, Giuliani.

You criticize the specks in the Dems eyes, while ignoring the huge planks in your party’s own eyes. Good plan. Good luck with that, because the people have clearly seen that the political emperor has no clothes nor credibility.

The righteous and responsible will stand up and be counted. They will call 202–224–3121 and tell them to stop allowing the lies to corrupt our land. Sen. Al Franken admitted to and apologized for his inappropriate actions — prior to becoming a senator. We should also demand that Congress supports the #MeTooCongress Act and name those who have cost America at least $15,000,000 in tax dollars for their sexual misconduct while ON Capitol Hill, whether elected, appointed or hired.

These are OUR employees & we deserve better. We hire better when we vote better.


I invite you to take 2 to 5 minutes for a glimpse of what I think about issues of the day. Nonpartisan, yet, some might not agree - just don’t be disagreeable.

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