Tweeting policy is cowardly and unbefitting a world leader. It is unacceptable to threaten the lives and livelihood of children and families. It is reprehensible to use skin tone & religious beliefs as the measurement of who stays and goes. Making incoherent, flippity-floppity protestations for the camera makes NOTHING clear.

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45: It’s time to admit that you lied to your constituents about who was going to “build the wall”. It sounded cute, got you cheers and the whole “repeat after me” fervor. It even got you a lot of votes — but it’s not that easy. Mexico isn’t building a wall & the wall urgency was trumped up in the first place. At least 58% of Americans reject the notion of a border wall, therefore the majority of congress, in both houses, should be opposed to a border wall. That, if some democratically, means border wall money should go towards issues that we are in favor of. Stop the smoke & mirrors and wall building rhetoric. We need a #CleanDACABill — we DEMAND one, in fact. It’s not tough to reform immigration and be compassionate — it takes a willing & responaible heart. We need compassion, not political posturing built on bigotry, to drive decision-making.

Judges, thankfully, are delaying implementation of immigration laws currently being debated. But, we need elected officials who are for truth, compassion for all — those are American values. It will take our persistence (protests; calls; tweets; votes) to drive the agenda for immigration justice. They need to hear from us.

SIDEBAR: You changed your mind (lied, perhaps?) about how much more you would work you would other presidents, so changing your mind isn’t a new concept for you.

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But, I digress.

And for the wall-lovers, don’t cry. We don’t really need a wall anyway — even if you screamed it until you lost your voice. Apparently, border enforcement (and a better economy down south helps, too) has helped reduce crossings already. That was easy! You can demand that your government build other beautiful things — things that we really need, like better schools, bridges, healthcare.

Call Congress 202–224–3121 — calls matter.

I invite you to take 2 to 5 minutes for a glimpse of what I think about issues of the day. Nonpartisan, yet, some might not agree - just don’t be disagreeable.

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