No one is Invisible if you claim to be Indivisible.

People fighting to disenfranchise voters, get their haircut, go to church or party — in a pandemic.

Covid19 continues to expose a nation (and world) that hasn’t supported many people in good times. We made people invisible through bad policies and our inactions. The invisible include:

The incarcerated.

The returning citizen.

The poor.

The chronically ill.

The factory workers.

The immigrant.

The uneducated.

The elderly.

The disabled.

The children.

The farm workers.

The different races.

The different religions.

The under-employed.

The abused.

The traumatized.

The working class.

The discriminated against.

The environment.

The “others”.

Together, those invisible people are the vast majority of America. Policymakers were elected to work FOR them. However, they are making laws that maintained the invisibility. Too many politicians rather compromise, to protect their places of power. Not enough are making decisions that move us towards being a more indivisible people. Even faith leaders who preached about life ignored lives amongst them. They even endorse policymakers who ignore the spirit of one nation under God.

Many more among us are now experiencing what many Americans have been suffering through for a very long time — before #covid19. We ignored that truth because the stock market was doing fine and some politicians said everything was OK. Why are governors and business owners and some voters demanding we reopen, when people are dying because they went to work?

Now, imagine graduating from college and not being about to choose a new job. Think about the elderly who can’t retire in peace. Imagine those who were barely making a living, while working multiple jobs — because our wage structures aren’t often living wages — and, now all of the places are closed. Think about healthcare workers who are in even more danger. So much as spun out of a virus — including exposure to invisible truths.

A widening racial wealth gap has been in existence for sometime. Researchers have been studying it and raising flags that many policymakers have ignored — even if their constituents are impacted. Where has there been a sustained willingness to fix this?

It’s time to recognize inequity for some will eventually hurt all of us.

We don’t need to return to “normal”. We need to work to create better norms for everyone. A “new normal” won’t ignore what got us here. New norms will include our most accurate census count ever, so we can see who lives where and their conditions.

Being indivisible demands a new kind of unity — socially and politically. We only have one planet. The world has been polluted for a long time (politically; psychologically; socially; atmospherically). Disagreements will happen, but being unconscionable can’t be ok. Lies can’t be accepted. Ignoring impact of bad policies & practices bring about bad consequences. Period.

We must admit the fact that mistakes have been made. With that, we must make better choices on Election Days in the future. We must also never forget what got us here. We should demand truth & integrity at all level of government.

We have a job to hold people accountable to ALL of our people & our places. We cannot ignore the world for our own selfish needs. A virus won’t be held back by walls, legislation OR partisanship. Infections here can impact others anywhere. Poverty — even temporary — has new zip codes. An unhealthy environment here impacts the environments elsewhere. We can no longer ignore issues impacting people and the planet. Nativism is dangerous. Nationalism leaves you limited. Selfish, self-centered behavior has karmic implications. Who do you turn to, when you’ve been turning your back on others?Anyone of us could be made invisible one day. Anyone can be othered.

We cannot afford to go back to “normal” — normal was broken. We cannot afford to ignore what was, once, invisible. What sad once “normal” harmed a lot of people. That Normal polluted the planet profusely. That Normal created superstorms, cost many lives & costly recoveries that are still incomplete. That Normal didn’t work for a lot of people. That Normal killed people.

Covid-19 has exposed greater ills than the virus itself. People are dying because of decisions by elected and appointed officials. We have electeds who have shown us who they are. We have seen what some people will do to gain or retain power at city, state & federal levels. And, unfortunately, we continue to have people — who will vote in November — who are willing to sacrifice a safer nation for a perceived political win. Blind allegiance to anyone who makes promises on the campaign trail isn’t logical, either. We must interrogate anyone who runs. Truth and facts must matter. But, for some, it still won’t.

November will guide what our next normal might become. Our next normal MUST be better than the old normal. Ever. Operating in a spirit of One love, which is indivisible, must order our steps towards a next and amazingly better normal. No one and no injustice can be invisible to you, if you are truly, indivisible, with liberty and justice for all. Do your part.