More Shootings. More Inaction?

‪Politicians are still trying to spook Americans that boogy-men, -women & -children are sneaking across our borders, with a commitment to rob, pillage and kill us. Electeds tell us that THE solution to our safety in spending $20–70million to build a wall (plus annual maintenance of about $150million). Meanwhile, there’s no discussion domestically-born trauma-makers who continue to devastate communities.

Florida is still rebuilding & healing from recent natural disasters, and, now having to face a man-made one. The state, known for “Stand Your Ground” and other permissive gun laws, is now, once again, reeling from the latest American mass-shooting. We have memorized the political scripts that will follow the loss of multiple lives . We forget about the immeasurable number of lives permanently scarred — in and beyond that new ground zero for violence.

Some politicians rather invest in border walls instead of seeking solutions to curb emotional challenges and weapons access we are forced to face with increased regularity. Communities, workplaces, homes & schools are becoming less safe, while politicians recite their usuals message to defer the discussion on gun violence, and “focus on healing”.

When will they admit that something must be done to mitigate homegrown terrorists, which are the most visible threats against us?

Eighteen school shootings in 45 days. Are you OK with that?

We often hear that violence is isolated to certain zip codes. That would never include 32076, Parkland, Florida, until February 14, 2018. Everyone is speaking of how pristine and idyllic the community and school is — before this event. That peace has now been forever, horribly asterisked. And Florida’s Governor, legislators & Attorney General — beholden to the traditional, NRA-inspired 2nd amendment defense — once again, will turn a blind-eye to the fact that more guns aren’t making us any safer. Wish I was wrong, but I doubt it.

I wrote about the inaction that is too familiar. The probable action plan by SOME politicians is pretty predictable:‬

  1. ‪Recite a #ThoughtsPrayers message.‬
  2. Urge fellow politicians to not “politicize” the issue.‬
  3. Suggest we need MORE guns on the streets to protect our schools (not sure how this protects those under 18, but they don’t care).‬
  4. Advocate for more teachers to get guns — should they wear them on their hip or keep it on the desk?‬
  5. Suggest a gun in every school and/or classroom. Unimaginable? Not for some.

These horrors are desensitizing us to believe this is just to be expected. You will never find solutions in that type of thinking.

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‪You read it right. We have legislators who think a gun is as important as a Bible in the place that is supposed to be a sanctuary. If parishoners and the choir are packing, we can worship in peace. And because of a narrow election, there may be enough votes to make it so. Virginia is for GUN Lovers.

So, after this new Valentine’s Day atrocity, any hope you have to see a definitive change in gun laws by the elected officials — who are paid to protect us — is highly unlikely. We will see that too many do-nothing, #ThoughtsPrayers politicians are more concerned about gun owners than gun victims. That’s because they aren’t hearing from enough of you, the people who want logical legislative change. ‬

According to reports, Florida Schools get about $ for school safety. Most hang their hat on law enforcement, disguised as “resource officers”, as the “fix”. It’s not, nor will it ever be.

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How much of that wall money could go into our education system and pay for counselors instead of “school resource officers”, metal detectors & safe rooms?

Every incident leads to myriad responses. The federal government seems committed to doing nothing to address the gun violence in this country. States and their citizens, like D.C., that attempt to curb gun access, get overruled by the Supreme Court. Politicians will demonstrate strength and leadership on the news and become wimps when it’s time to act. They rather seek to legislate against foreign terrors, yet, only offer thoughts and prayers to address the home-grown terrors that are becoming way too common.


We are reminded to act. If we see something, we are supposed to say something. Stories are emerging that the suspect “fits the profile”. He was a loner. His home-life was unstable. He might have posted some clues on the internet. He was adopted and his adoptive mother recently died. He was a white male. He was bullied. Folks will play T.V.-psychologist and question his metal stability — no surprise there. Will the analysts & politicians also question the lack of a stable safety net for people like him? People prone to violence ofter display signs before commiting a violent act. Bullying is a form of violence. When will we start questioning the mental stability of those who bully?

Florida, the “Sunshine State”, has been home to globally-noticed gun violence: PULSE Night Club; a factory shooting in Orlando; Jordan Davis; Trayvon Martin. Add to the list this Valentines Day/Ash Wednesday catastrophe, that puts Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School on the infamous map. We’ve had many people killed from gun fire in Florida (and beyond) and their governor, state legislators, federal leadership and president remain politically impotent. That’s how powerful the #NRA is in our political system — wielding almost as much power as Russia, in tainting our politics. Politicians will do absolutely nothing. And why should they? The people who elected them aren’t demanding change. They’re getting campaign funds from gun advocates to put up pretty signs on your lawns and send you propaganda in the mail, to win your vote. Who is really to blame for the political inaction to redundant carnage? Over 1800 deaths by gun violence here, since January 1. How much was from foreign terrorists?

Let’s be clear, as long as we stay silent, these lip-service politicians will continue ignoring our most visible threats against us — weapons of mass destruction that you can pick up at Wal-Mart.

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Yep, we should report signs of mental instability. So, where do we report the mental instability of officials who are supposed to have the intellect to resolve issues? When will we start to challenge the mental stability of politicians who continue to show compassion, yet demonstrate indifference? Any rational person knows this is not how life is supposed to be for a civil society. How long will we leave our rational thinking at the door when we step into a voting booth? How long until the next rounds of #ThoughtsPrayers go up as multiple bodies fall from avoidable violence?

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