Lies, Lies Everywhere!

He’s like Evilene, in The Wiz, “don’t bring me no bad news!”. So, his minions want him to look good, so they give him sound bites that he can recite and thrill his supporters — they don’t seem to care about the truth. His news is real and everyone else is fake. Someone places some information (aka lies, propaganda, alternative facts) before him and he reads the script. When he’s fact-checked, real-time, he says someone gave him the info.

If this is what you consider presidential, you might want to consider moving to Russia, North Korea or China. There, you can get lies from your leader every day. For those of us who expect the truth and integrity from our elected, you should be outraged. I hear some saying it’s “frightening”, but fear will make you cower and flee. Outrage will make you fight. So if you’re in fight mode, get to work. Get people registered to vote. Call the sane (and the sane-leaning) and demand that they address this public descent of a leader into insanity. 202–224–3121.

Eugene Robinson sums this sad state of affairs up in a chilling, but real way. Kudos — we need more truth, no matter how harsh. Are you ok with the leader of the nation, where you live, conduct himself in this manner?

#Resist #Protest #Organize #Advocate #Boycott #Call #Petition — #DoSomething

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