Making America Great (in spite of itself)

Let this sink in…In 2016, we have an American presidential candidate who brags that his celebrity gives him the clout to assault women at will and without punishment. He’s boasts of how fame, in a way, intoxicates them so they consent to his advances And, when he is caught on tape (his official self-promoting medium), he, childishly, defends his actions because others have done the same (or worse, he contends). He has shown us who he is — so, why are people just now believing it?

We have witnessed Trump’s verbal shenanigans (racist; sexist; elitist; etc.) since & before 2005. He, unapologetically, personally tweets and retweets insults against a diverse swath of society (although his audiences are far from diverse). Many of his elected party members have condoned his behavior (with silence) or have sheepishly got on board. Where was your repudiation before?

This hate is coming from the the same “keep it real” candidate you (faith leaders; “family values fighters; white supremacists; etc.) have cheered on for months. This song as been played for too long, and some are just now realizing the tune hasn’t changed. What have you been waiting for? A debate win? A pre-election extreme personality makeover?

You denounce sexual assault of all types, from campuses, to churches and the military. Yet you have excused the insults against women, and others, lobbed by your candidate for years. When misdeeds are uncovered, the general message is that “it starts at the top.” So, often the first to go is the leadership. Well, we see, first-hand, the philosophy of this leadership. Yes, it was 10 years ago — and he was 60. Who thinks his philosophy has changed? Who expects an philosophical upheaval in 30 days that can last for at least four political years? You vote will only validate the behavior you claim to abhor. So what will that or the false apology do to change what you see is his “real”?

You have laughed this behavior off or have given it a heavy, deflecting spin, for your party for way too long. You should be embarrassed and ashamed — if not, you are no better than him.

This panicky repudiation of the hate-filled campaign is too little, too late. For the elected, it’s clearly an attempt to preserve your political seat. Just as your candidate has shown who he is, so have you. You have chosen your party over the people. You have consented to this doctrine, while trying to ride the dirty Trump coattails to victory (yes, your silence was consent). And, just because you have compromised by going against your values, doesn’t mean we should.

And, you have sat, silently, why your peers have sought to use tricks to deny citizens their constitutional right to vote. Perhaps, you have even been a perpetrator in systematically overturning the #VotingRightsAct, bit by bit across the nation. Governor Rick Scott (Florida) has exercised his authority with extreme disrespect for his citizenry, by denying an extension for voter registration, even as #HurricaneMatthew bears down on his state. He doesn’t care about his citizens, nor do you care about the Constitution (as you claim), since you have systematically tried to deny voting rights. Political party trumping the people, again. And, we remember Florida’s pivotal role in previous elections. While you fight the fake fight against voter fraud, you are silent on suppression and domestic or foreign hacker threats. You don’t care about the Constitution.

So, it’s time for us to #RockTheVote and show that we won’t stand for political hypocrisy and silent consent that promotes a “do as we say, not as we do” doctrine. We will vote for those who have been displaced or denied their right to vote. We will take family and friends to the polls on Election Day, if we have to. We will vote early, if we have to. WE WILL VOTE in all elections, because we must and you don’t care about us. We will register online, if we have to — even while trying to recover from a disastrous storm.

We should demand better. We deserve better. We will choose better. And better means voting for justice and against hate — and hate’s supporters. That is what will make America greater. We will make America greater.

I invite you to take 2 to 5 minutes for a glimpse of what I think about issues of the day. Nonpartisan, yet, some might not agree - just don’t be disagreeable.

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