Lawyered Up & Ready to Go (to jail?)

Let’s be clear, you employ lawyers and doctors who have expertise in the area(s) where you need representation or healthcare. You don’t call on Olivia Pope (or Michael Cohen) unless you need a fixer for your indiscretions. You don’t draft your own medical note for your doctor. You don’t send henchmen to raid your doctors office to keep your history a secret.

You aren’t employing an impeachment lawyer, unless you are anticipating one.

The revelations of the investigation, lawyers in and lawyers out, contradictions & reverses come as frequently as CNN can say “Breaking News.” “But wait, there’s more”, is expecte daily. And, just when you think that the shameless White House intrigue cant get any more shamelessly intriguing, the other thrice-married office holder, Mayor Rudy, gets recruited to go on the White House Network (AKA FOX News) and spills the tea AND beans on the #TrumpsTryst. What a show!

Frankly, what are the faithful trump loyalists thinking now? How is the faith contingent (AKA white evangelicals) reconciling their loyalty to this pathological liar? How can FOXNews folks

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All off these people have been betrayed — in their face. Of course, Trump had stated that he could do anything he wanted and people would remain loyal to him. Many of these folks wouldn’t accept repeated lies from a family member — why trust a liar who is supposed to defend the nation? What leader — especially in political spaces — would trust another leader, who publicly contradicts himself? Since this drama is playing out like the worst — scripted reality show could use an extreme makeover. Voting becomes our most important tool in the makeover.

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Trump is as guilty as spring arriving. We knew it when he talked to Lester Holt. We knew it when he told Air Force One reporters. we knew it when Smokey Eye Sanders repeats the lies to the Press corps. As a matter of fact, we jumped from spring to summer as fast as Giuliani overturned the story that Trump and Sarah Huckabee Sanders have been sticking to in their claims against the Stormy Daniels payment.

We get why Trump is lying — ”deny deny deny” is a defense he has used for a long time. It worked for Bill Clinton — until it didn’t. Now, they share the same lawyer (presidential deja vu), so maybe we can get to some resolution.

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So all of the stories are out now (at least the ones we know of at the time of this post). Now, he’s got a few options Options (according to NBC)

1) Testify and answer questions (like he said he would “100%”).

2) Plead the 5th and not answer questions (which HE said is for mobsters and guilty people).

3) Fight the subpoena — could go to SCOTUS, which he hoped to flip more in his first year, to help get him off the hook.

4) Ignore the subpoena — the unknown equation that is the new cliff-hanger.

It’s clear that witch has been found. They have found the witch actually lives at 1600 Pennsylvania (for now). It’s getting #Stormy and #MuellerTime is at the door — Ding Dong!

Trump Loyalists have been Played

Republiteas have When will the loyalist stand up and say ENOUGH? He’s happy knowing that there are still gullible people, who, for some weird reason, are standing with him and the sea of lies and bad policy. If they really cared about him — and the country — they would encourage him to step away from the bully pulpit and seek help. Same recommendation applies to Yeezy.

We can only hope that more people wake up and rise up for the good of the country. No one is above the low and no one person is better than an entire country

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