Justice For All: A Super Spread We Want

Have you heard the good news?

As we remember and revisit 57 years later the 1963 March on Washington todayAug 28th today — doing nothing and saying nothing is a form of voter suppression. We must make the time to mobilize safely. I was there today and I was moved by the voices of the young, old, bold and mourning. I commit to doing my part and encourage others to do their part too.

  1. Make sure you are Registered to Vote. Make sure your household (minimally) is registered, too.

2. Contact family & friends and talk to them about registering to vote.

3. Make sure you know and request your early voting options…mail-in and absentee ballots.

4. Make sure you vote…organize small vote parties to share knowledge and learn more about voting

5. Contact your representatives in Congress — House and Senate regularly. Demand they do their jobs. This number, 202–224–3121, can get you to your reps number 24/7, so leave a message, if they’re closed or taking time off they don’t deserve. Your elected officials phone numbers & social media should be saved on your phone — they work for you! If they aren’t doing their job, it’s up to YOU to tell them.

5a. Congress has sent over 400 bills to the senate that Senate leader Mitch McConnell has failed to move. Call his office & your reps and tell them to respond to the bills. Use www.congress.gov to find their direct numbers/mail addresses to correspond or visit.

5b. Here are some bills the senate needs to address NOW. “H.R.” means it’s in the House, and they have to act to move it to the Senate. If it shows that it passed the house, then it goes to the Senate for action. “S” means it’s in the Senate and they must act, before it goes to the president for signature. If you have any questions, review this Schoolhouse Rock.

A. Voting Rights Advancement Act In Senate as S.4263 John Lewis Voting Rights Advancement Act

B. S.4368 — Protecting American Heroes Act of 2020

C. H.R. 7100 — George Floyd Law Enforcement Trust and Integrity Act of 2020

D. H.R. 8015 — Delivering for America Act — to protect our post office from it being used to suppress our vote.

6. Get involved — volunteer to work the polls or help make calls. You can get paid to staff the polling places up to Election Day. It’s time to Power The Polls.

7. If you plan to vote at the polls on Nov 3, 2020…create a plan to ensure you protect your health and safely vote.

8. Be counted in the census. You can only do this every 10 years, and it willl impact your community — adding or removing funding for 10 years to come!

9. Follow Color Of Change — they create virtual activism that leads to change. Sign their petitions, make the calls, donate, to push for change.

10. Click and share these helpful voter registration links:

Healthy Voting

Election Protection — before and on Election Day


Census Counts — be counted!

When We All Vote

Fair Vote

Fair Count

Share, use and mobilize all the information that you can acquire to help us create a more just society. Here’s some additional guidance from A-Z.

Everybody must do something!

I invite you to take 2 to 5 minutes for a glimpse of what I think about issues of the day. Nonpartisan, yet, some might not agree - just don’t be disagreeable.