Just the Facts as of 3/20/18 (in no particular order):

Trump is a pathological liar. So is his family and his Press Secretary. And, these lies damage America daily.

Stormy Daniels had a fling with the president and it is a disgrace to his family, this nation and the White House.

Too many Republitea party members are feckless. Their silence has blown up in their face.

Yes, some Democrats are feckless, too.

Arming teachers won’t stop school shootings — reducing gun access can.

The Steele dossier contains truths and the president and Republiteas tried to bury it.

Our politicians are increasingly ineffective in their jobs — many need to be replaced.

The Republiteas have compromised our nation to get tax benefits for their donors while undermining support systems for the least of us and creating a more democratic and equitable society.

Policy matters.

Too many Democrats think they can win with a “business as usual”, compromise with the other side of the aisle strategy. That’s history, for these times.

Russian infiltrated and influenced an American election to undermine our democracy and get “their guy” in office.

Republiteas are afraid of 36% of America.

The president is not a well human being.

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Racism remains very real and we won’t win, as a nation, until it is condemned, regularly, and in every corner of this nation.

Hillary Clinton is no longer the issue — this administration vs America is the issue.

Trump wants what Putin, Jinping, Jong-un, al-Assad have; dictatorship powers.

Mueller and team have more than we can imagine.

Civilians don’t need military-grade weapons.

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“Meddling” is to mild a word when you’re talking about another country invading your country — virtual invasion is an invasion, nonetheless.

Republiteas think that “I’m-Not-As-Bad-As-Trump” is a winning strategy for election/re-election.

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Some people are more loyal to their party and ideology than they are to the truth.

Those who still defend Trump should admit that they don’t care about America — their actions say it loudly.

We must demand that our voting systems are made safe for EVERY election.

A smart person who is unstable is dangerous. A stupid persons who is unstable is frustrating. A stupid person, with Power, is deadly.

We must take care of the least of us.

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We didn’t interfere in Russia’s election — hard to interfere with paper ballot stuffers, unless it’s in your own country.

The president doesn’t need to be “interviewed” by Congress and Mueller, he needs to testify. Under oath.

Most people would never employ, work for, or socialize with someone who has said or done what we already know the president has done and said.

Too many Republicans are spineless and self-serving. They’re also afraid of the truth.

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All lives matter, which means Black Lives Matter, too.

Some Facebook staff, Cambridge Analytica & Russia helped Trump campaign.

Republiteas know that 2016 was the worst rigged election in the history of our democracy.

Some Americans have no clue about how troubling these times are.

Trump is a bully — Melania should start her anti-bullying campaign at home.

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We must demand more of our elected officials and hold them accountable daily. 202–224–3121 is the phone number to our employees.

White House Employees are PUBLIC servants who work for the president — their NDA is not valid.

Elections have consequences.

No parent would accept this president as a role model — moral turpitude is nil.

Americans will reject dictators and totalitarianism.

Some Dems are spineless — or have something to hide or are secretly happy with the state of the union.

Some in Congress seeks to demonize the poor — this isn’t new.

Social media, like all media, can be used for good and evil. You choose what side you subscribe to every day.

Gerrymandering destroys Democracy. No one party should be allowed to draw district maps. Fairness matters.

The “deep state” is with the lascivious cover-ups connected to a president who is already in a deep state of denial and betrayal — his home an nation have been deceived.

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Gerrymandering has already damaged our electoral equity. It will take courts to undo the damage — North Carolina and Pennsylvania are good starts. Texas is up next — there is much work to do.

Trumps taxes will tell a big story about his shenanigans.

Don’t mess with Mueller.

Good old-fashioned activism by the citizenry will change & improve this nation.

The Voting Rights Act must be restored and expanded.

Real power lies in the hearts, minds and feet of millions of protestors and thousands of protests — -which began in Ferguson.

I believe that WE will win. What do you believe?

I invite you to take 2 to 5 minutes for a glimpse of what I think about issues of the day. Nonpartisan, yet, some might not agree - just don’t be disagreeable.

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