Is your vision 2020?

All I — and we all — know is that the demon in the White House, and in every position that he appoints, has done more harm to most every segment of this nation than any pervious office holder. He is Bull Connor‘s & George Wallace’s wildest dreams manifest.

Yes, we need atonement and accountability for past actions of other candidates. This debate about their political & personal records is appropriate, but as I urged in my letter to the candidates (see Dear Democratic Candidates), challenges must be done strategically. Candidates need to explain past decisions — that’s why dissecting records are the responsibility of any voter in any election — it’s our job. Unfortunately, some elected officials have adopted a “they lie” or “deny, deny, deny” strategy which works for them in the eyes of their followers.

It’s deeper than some hypnotism, it’s their comfort with the unscrupulous as long as its “ my crook”. Those voters don’t care about moral turpitude, or truth, or the rule of law. They only care that “their” guy or gal appeases their inner desire to be what their person exudes. For them, corupt behaviors don’t matter. Pathologically lying doesn’t matter. Racist behaviors don’t matter. Sexual assault allegations don’t matter. His adultery doesn’t matter. He can shoot someone in the middle of the street with every mobile phone in the area documenting the act and they will still believe the truth he wants them to believe. He said he could and it looks like he can. That’s a problem. And that’s our problem as a society that aspires to higher values (at least on paper).

We Got What We Saw

The current WH squatter showed his hand before being handed the office with fewer votes than his opponent. The current WH occupant is loved by many faith leaders — even when he rejects a need for forgiveness from the God they, allegedly, serve. Even as all of his public We should be fighting this with all that is within us — unless you are ok with it. And, the candidates should condemning the today’s GOP as much as they condemned previous politicians who practiced what they opposed. They should fight with facts and truth — even if their opponents are comfortable with lying. Maybe some won’t listen today, but people are listening. But, candidates shouldn’t be providing sound bite ammunition about the colleagues they value, so the opposition has more to shoot.

Right VS Wrong? It’s Complicated

Do you think that Kamala or Joe (or any others who have skeletons yet-to-be revealed) will be worse than who currently has the nuclear codes? Nobody gets a pass & deserves to be called out, but today’s demon-in-Chief won’t get better if given four more years. SCOTUS is skewed because of him and his enablers, the GOP. 45 is unstable and the GOP knows it. But his seat and his unstable leadership, is being milked by the GOP for their own gain. They crave power over anything. And the SCOTUS majority (I hate our highest court And, the gerrymandering will work for all resident good or some resident evil. It is inconceivable that ANY of the (currently) 25 Dem candidates will do worse for us than what’s currently happening.

Money Matters

‪Factions in this nation -and world- have no moral integrity or compassion. They chose to align with & invest in the worst of humanity. Some people, like the co-founder of Home Depot, have decided to put their money where their morality is. Investing in companies that support candidates who are racists, misogynists inhumane, unconscionable and, of that’s not enough, criminal, should be a deal-breaker. Shop accordingly. #BoycottsMatter #BoycottHomeDepot

Pick Wisely — but, Pick

Choose a side, but know if your choice doesn’t win the nomination, imagine what 4 more years under the current regime would look like. Staying home and sulking on Election Day is not an option this time. He’s stacking the courts with more lifetime appointed evil, with GOP permission. Imagine how validated he would feel if re-elected (even if, again, illegally)? Imagine the ideology he would feel emboldened to expand.

We need to encourage more participation in the Census and election than ever before, so there is a clear winner that won’t be skewed by the electoral college, voter suppression or foreign shenanigans. We need to flip the Senate and expand the Dem majority in the house. We need state house victories in unprecedented numbers (potentially challenged by gerrymandering which get more partisan thanks to the SCOTUS ruling). That matters.

Focus People

We need to get laser focused on a clear condemnation of this return to pre-Jim Crow America. I hate lesser of two evil politics, but we have never seen such depth of evil in the White House — endorsed by two branches of government. It’s time to critique, but mobilize to defeat the real enemy. At the end of the day we nee us to #VotePeople. We need us to urge others to get involved, because we can clearly see what could be worse.

I invite you to take 2 to 5 minutes for a glimpse of what I think about issues of the day. Nonpartisan, yet, some might not agree - just don’t be disagreeable.