Incredible Lies make Leaders Un-Credible

It’s clear that some of our “leaders” are comfortable with disseminating blatant lies and disinformation to America. They will even stoop to using, once “trusted” voices, to spin messages & elevate the veracity of the message. That is the epitome of disrespect for the spirit of trust and the people.

By labeling some erroneous reporting by media as #fakenews has heightened the psyche of the gullible, who so desperately want to believe their leader. One error is now ALL ERROR, and cannot be trusted — in the mind of the vulnerable. It doesn’t matter that the messenger has a multitude of erroneous/blatantly false messages on his/her record.

The audience has been groomed to hate lies from one messenger, while unilaterally accepting the lies from the messenger they choose to believe. The messengers’ audience has been groomed to believe his lies are simply false reports, twisted by “them” and his word is the truth. His audience won’t even question conflicting facts — they are sold on anything he buys. If that doesn’t define a cult leader and it’s sheeple, I don’t know what does.

There is a sickness in our land that we cannot afford to ignore. Blindly following someone, without exercising rational, critical thinking, is simply dangerous. Would you accept a mate, spouse, child or employer to lie to you regularly?

Once you have clear evidence that the messenger has made false statements, you should be conscientious enough to, minimally, challenge the messenger. That demonstrates you are aware and concerned — for the messenger and your own being. When do you choose to compromise your own intellect by allowing someone to go unchallenged in their communication?

For a messenger to make false claims, without being challenged by the hearer, is the act of an immature mind. Thankfully, we have a majority of the population and resources that take the time to investigate and share knowledge and facts.

Repeatedly conveying a false message doesn’t make it become a fact. When lies are disseminated to a people, as truth, it harms their well-being. Without checking/validating the messengers words, we risk being easily deceived by any whim that a messenger chooses to disseminate. That is detrimental to our Democracy and dangerous for our society at large. We have access to a wealth of knowledge, but too often fail to verify what is truth vs spin/propaganda/lies. We cannot afford to be so lazy that we just rubber-stamp everything we hear. That’s when we perish (respect, compassion, sensibilities, humanity).

Our society risks losing its greatest opportunities & successes when its people fail to exercise discernment and accepts deception masquerading as truth. We need leaders who can be trusted, because they world is watching our humanity more closely than we, often, do. We had a seat on the world stage that is shrinking the more we compromise truth. We must pay attention or risk peril of collapse through irrational in-fighting and rejection by external allies. Truth makes you free and honest messages earn respect. Credible leaders don’t habitually lie to people.

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