Heartless in the Oval Office

‪#ThisPresident “lies with malicious intent” and “defamation”. A 7th grader faces worse consequences for similar acts, as outlined on @morning_joe. Those in his party wouldn’t accept this behavior in another party, yet, they handle his behavior with kid gloves (not 7th graders gloves, though) — because he represents their party (sadly, party loyalty supersedes common decency). You saw what he was made of and overtly or covertly endorsed it. He has produced a budget that reflect the campaign promises he made and then some. You accepted him as he was and he, routinely showed you who he was and continues to be.

The lies and immature behavior continues — and grows worse. This behavior would be rejected by most adults, if their child Tweeted as he does — with insulting, nonsensical, defamatory, lie-full, race-baiting fervor. Most mates would reject any spouse/partner who would conduct themselves in the ways continue to witness. Most every employer would fire an employee who has uttered much of this. Schools would discipline their students. Families that were concerned about such irrational and erratic behavior of someone they loved would consider an intervention — unless they were used to it and feared the consequences of standing up. Other nations, with a conscious, and any CIVIL society should/would, soundly, reject any candidate who displayed such conduct. An 80+% voter turnout in The Netherlands clearly rejected their version of #ThisPresident. The Netherlands denounced nonsense (a minority liked it, though). South Korea impeached its leader. Israel is investigating its prime minister. Brexit is crippling the U.K. economy & it hasn’t even been implemented — but was used to influence the change candidate. Remember the Brexit architect appeared with #thispresident on U.S. campaign stops.

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And over here, an immature stream of (un)consciousness flows from the person who is now president. His Twitter fingers and an endless stream of recordings and commentary have reflected the person that he truly is — and has been for years. His conduct would be embarrassing to any respectable family. And his budget proposal — if accepted by Congress — would affect this nation in negative ways unimagined — whether you voted for him or not. The proposed service cuts, alone, would enrage anyone with a heart. No wonder he has little evidence of his philanthropy, he probably feels someone else should handle giving — he’s only for his bottom line.

His cabinet, the people he called the best and brightest are not serving this nation well. Self-service is the order of the day. Flynn quit/fired/caught. The charter school champion, DeVos needs to explain real data on charter school successes/failures reported on by USAToday. And, they all need to explain how they can approve of the cuts/program elimination proposed by their boss (with their endorsements?) to make us “safer” (air quotes are the new black).

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Perhaps, there is still a desire to make the rational thinking majority so weary, that we will put down our weapons and get used to the new sheriff in town. Maybe the heat of the historic flames of global protests, stoked after Election Day, have subsided and a few embers remain and will, eventually die out. I think that’s hard to imagine, since new fuels keep giving the embers energy.

Surely, people will show up in the streets — the travel ban remixes are enough to stoke folks from a multitude of borders (places where his policies are their wall). Or, maybe such an atrocious budget was proposed to make people from other lands, yearning to be free, think we are not what they thought we were. And maybe they’re right, no land of the free and home of the brave would accept the behaviors and proposals coming from the current resident of 1600 Pennsylvania Ave. and his overt/covert allies down the street.

They see & hear America through the eyes & voice of its leaders. But, there’s much mobilizing taking place on all fronts, which they also see. They see the protests and hear the rejection of the voice of a faux “America” most of us continue to reject.

Yes, there is a lot to digest daily and folks lament about needing social media and news breaks — but, that doesn’t mean they forget what they witnessed before their media sabbaticals. And they will return, rested, stronger and with greater ability to multi-task against the ugly narrative.

They will boycott while shopping. They will write letters to the editors before relaxing. Tweet while waiting in the checkout. Blog before their workday begins. Call Congress while stuck in traffic. Their voices. Our voice. Majority voices will be heard and will reject the indefensible version of his “great America”.

And we will vote on every Election Day going forward.

The budget proposal (and Russian romance & pathological lies & sexual assault boasts & discriminatory practices & nefarious friends in high places &…) won’t be forgotten. Those who don’t get it will probably never get it, but there are more than enough people, who see clearly, and will disagree with his policies to reject him — and reject him (and those who support him) at every turn. Those who have any humanity and/or faith affiliation certainly respects and reveres the importance of protecting the least of us. Many of these politicians are becoming bolder in crafting policies that endorse the war-hungry and the wealthiest of us.

And even some of his staunchest adversaries became his allies — just to win votes. Words matter, but not to them. They compromise their own credibility and self-respect for a seat at the table (literally).

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We don’t need this table’s host. We must value ourselves and our nation more than that.

We see what stay-at-home apathy and protest votes get us. We have clear evidence of who is for and who is against us — we, too, won’t forget. We will study and get ready for the upcoming election days. And we know Election days will come. So will change. Our families, communities, nation and the world needs us. #StayWoke #StayReady #Advocate #Organize #Protest #vote

I invite you to take 2 to 5 minutes for a glimpse of what I think about issues of the day. Nonpartisan, yet, some might not agree - just don’t be disagreeable.

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