Healthcare Enrollment Season is Coming! (some don’t want you to know)

There have been eight years of attempted sabotage — via rhetoric & repetitious votes to taint the image of #Obamacare. The Republitea party could have always worked across party lines to improve our healthcare. Their arrogance — before and since last November — led their belief that they could erase every policy enacted over the last eight years by President Obama. They felt so emboldened by the outcome of the presidential election, they saw repeal/replace as, finally, inevitable. The Republiteas, with the president & Ultra-First-class flying Secretary of Health and Human Dis-Services, DR. Tom Price (yes, a congressman and physician who is first, practicing to do harm), were determined to confuse the healthcare marketplace. They even had the audacity to intentionally stepped away from promoting enrollment, last year. The constituents were confused by amped up rhetoric that Obamacare was doomed, which also led to some people likely staying away altogether.

The charade was met with the “solutions” four consistently worse proposals, which were met by consistently awakened voters. Every attempt to sneak, push or trick a vote on these BAD to WORSE republititea-ONLY bills (endorsed by the president & HHS) was rebuffed. People called and visited their employees (aka congressional reps) to demand they reject these bills. The tone-deaf politicians felt determined to honor their campaign commitments to repeal/replace Obamacare/ACA. Never mind that the initial support was based upon false information, distorted propaganda & lies. People began paying attention; the biggest fear of corrupt politicians.

The propaganda that propelled Republiteas to seize (and hold) all branches of political power has been met with a (partially) awakened electorate. Voters, even those who once endorsed the new politics, now see that the “evil” Obamacare is actually the necessary #ACA. Voters are finally seeing what injustice looks like. The once trusted cracks in leadership’s armor is slowly be exposed. Rep./Dr. Tom Price is gone, but he has done damage. These revelations help fuel the backlash, which should have been more vocal anyway — but I digress.

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Yes, about nine million low-income children are, essentially, unfunded as the CHIP program wasn’t reauthorized by a Congress that is in disarray. No urging to help them coming from the president, since he’s focused on the NFL. No reminder from FORMER HHS Secretary/Doctor Price. Yet, Congress was trying to push Healthcare to the states — did they forget this $15 billion tidbit? Add that to the ongoing attempts dismantle the rest of the healthcare system.

The deception is real. If more people enroll in Obamacare, it will be harder to repeal/replace it. So, they plan more sabotage, so people will have limited access to even sign up. The truth is, if the system fails, they can’t blame Obama — they own the system and it’s failings. This fight isn’t over and politicians are betting on ignorance and propaganda to help re-energize a call for repeal/replace from the electorate.

We must advertise the enrollment AND tell Congress that we see what they are doing (202–224–3121). If anyone challenges it, ask them for their own fact-checking (surely, the liar-in-Chief can’t be their trust factor).

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