Get a grip — on the truth!

Folk condemning HRC and other Dems for not swiftly repudiating Harvey for his sexual abuse, yet the same folk allow an admitted abuser gave their money & vote to one. One who admitted to and was accused of abuses — before the election! Whose worse? In Hollywood, the abuser can wield damage, no doubt. But, to be elevated to a world leader throne is far more dangerous.

They’ve Got Something in Common

How many of the Democratic, Republican, & Independent voters & politicians loudly condemn the misconduct of a movie producer (from the land of the “casting couch”), where this type of harassment has been considered the unwritten/unspoken rule ), but endorsed the current occupant of the White House? The tales of sexual harassment transcend sectors and genders.

Weinstein was booted out of the organization, he co-created, by his board. He has been accused by the famous and unknown. He has gone away to “get help”. All in less than a week of these accusations going public in a flurry. And yet, there has yet to be a mea culpa from the president. His defense — on everything — is deny deny deny. And people believe EVERY denial (at least publicly and in the voting booth).

Let’s be clear, neither Weinstein nor Trump have been to court regarding thes accusations — except for the court of public opinion. In fact, the New York D.A. opted not to press charges.

Lies Everywhere Lies

The list of fact-based media is long — but you think this president only tells the truth against their onslaught of what he calls fiction? Let’s say the candidate, now president only lies half the time or 1/3 of the time— which of his lies are acceptable to you? Remember, you can pick what to believe, but if they are all lies, you should be outraged.

Some have already been duped into believing that ALL recognized media is fake, but FAUX and profiteering conspiracy theorists/ “journalists”, like Alex Jones (who has admitted under oath that he is an entertainer) is considered a verified truth-teller? Really? This isn’t funny or a joke. Nor is it acceptable that the president would threaten the 1st amendment, because the reputable media is serving as the necessary watchdog we should all be with our elected officials. How can people still find him credible?

The list of a lies-based presidency is far longer than the list errors by all reputable media — combined. The glaring difference is that when the media makes an error in reporting, they admit it, print or record a retraction or correction. Has this president ever corrected one of his errors/lies? Oh yes, he quietly corrected the lie he (and others) spewed for years about President Obama’s birth. A BIG lie that his folks supported. Just as they condemned women who accused him of abuse. His words trumped their experiences.

Some people don’t even use common sense to demand facts from their president? How easy it must be to believe everything someone says — even when his lies have been proven to be such. Is that how you live your life with family? Work? Who in right mind is that gullible?

Remember the president threatened to sue all the women who accused him of sex abuse — has he? Oh yea, he said (several times) that he would release his taxes — did he? And he would come up with wonderful Healthcare — did he? He won’t benefit from tax changes — really? He has facts to prove HRC is guilty of crimes and should be locked up — where’s the proof and the lock-up?

Politics are dirty. It’s up to the voters to clean house. This isn’t a matter of which party is better, it’s a battle for country. No one man or woman is more important than the good of the nation. We need media to hold politicians accountable, but we cannot afford to have a gullible nation that allows any one person to be more highly prized than our collective right to life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness. Common sense should take precedent over any party preference. If you are committed to party, you should listen to them who care for more than themselves. Even his allies are taking a stand; yet people who don’t know him take his side.

As we hear of his rants and “unraveling”, I wonder why people are surprised now. His antics aren’t new, but people chose to “give him a chance”.

The most eerie comparison is to infamous religious leader Jim Jones (who insisted that he was the only person to be believed, too). That is most troubling because Jones duped 900+ people to their deaths. This president has a few million who side with him. How many realized how dangerous Jones was in the moment before they drank the fateful “kook-aid” or were shot into submission? Some escaped to tell the story. Which side will you be on?

Demand the Whole Truth, America

For those who have family, friends, neighbors or co-workers who have the cup of kook-aid in their hand, urge them to stop drinking and face the facts. Much of the utterances of the president are surely lies and you cannot take it lightly any more. If you really cared about God, yourself, your family & country, you should question all of it.



Take 2 to 5 minutes for a glimpse of what I think about issues of the day. Nonpartisan, yet, some might not agree. Just don’t be disagreeable. TW: @congosdad

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Take 2 to 5 minutes for a glimpse of what I think about issues of the day. Nonpartisan, yet, some might not agree. Just don’t be disagreeable. TW: @congosdad