Fight or Flight

So, 45 and friends have used lies, propaganda and foreign support to demonize Biden down in the polls — just like he did HRC. Meanwhile, his he & his children continue to turn a profit at the nations’ expense.

45’s crimes have been exposed, the people act hopeless, and a minority have been gullible (or strategic) enough to accept the lies. Those who oppose 45, are more committed to doubt than victory. They question if a woman, gay, elder or socialist can win. That’s not what winners do. The GOP machine (and its trumpian wizard) will smear an opponent until the mustard seed of doubt explodes into despair. Meanwhile, a misogynist, racist crook continues to do whatever he wants. He even gets to exploit & manipulate the checks & balance system, without any steady challenge. He has been able to “whitemale” & blackmail some of his party opponents into submission. Those who called him everything but a child of God, adore him in public. And, some who worship God now rather praise 45’s unholy presidential name.

What 45 & friends have in common is they want to win by any means necessary. Common on the Dem side is division and incoherence about what a victory should look like. Some even let their opponents determine what’s right and wrong for them. What WINNING team does that?


So, the disheartened, disillusioned & uninspired have already decided they will stay at home or Election Day. Some will tow the media line and recite, “_____________ can never win”. That is just what 45 & friends wants us to do. That’s what propagandists do and how cultish factions win. Congratulations. Yep, some have officially ceded everything that people literally died for — the power of our voice & vote.

Elected people are supposed to work for the people — or the people are supposed to kick them aside. Giving up is kicking YOURSELF aside. To not vote — or simply curl up and binge watch everything — gives those who don’t care about you a big victory.

If you cannot take some time to: call your elected officials on Capitol Hill and voice your opinion (202–224–3121); support people & organizations that are willing to fight FOR you (without even knowing you); join protests; or visit electeds district offices, then, what are you doing? Giving up should never be a viable option, if you really care about yourself, those you say you love or this nation.

How you hope to feel on election night should drive what you do every day until then. Ask yourself, #WhatWouldDouglassDo?

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I invite you to take 2 to 5 minutes for a glimpse of what I think about issues of the day. Nonpartisan, yet, some might not agree - just don’t be disagreeable.

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